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Fortnite Clay Pigeons – All Clay Pigeon Locations

by Larryn Bell

Update: These clay pigeon locations have remained the same, so the guide below will still help you to complete the Week 8 clay pigeon challenge for Season 6, just on a slightly altered Fortnite map. Good luck!

Original: Get ready to put your skeet-shooting skills to the test in Fortnite, as one of the Week 3 challenges for Season 5 tasks players with shooting clay pigeons at different locations throughout the map. Below, we’ve listed every clay pigeon location in Fortnite that we know of so far. You need to shoot clay pigeons at five different locations, so we made sure to list enough clay pigeon locations to help you complete this Week 3 challenge. 

All Clay Pigeon Locations in Fortnite

To shoot clay pigeons in Fortnite, players must find and activate various skeet-shooting machines throughout the map. You will need to bring your own gun with you to do this, so make sure to equip a weapon before heading out to each of these clay pigeon locations in Fortnite. A weapon with spread, such as a shotgun, will work best, but any gun should work if your aim is good enough. 

Fortnite all clay pigeons

When you find a skeet shooter machine, activate the machine to have it start firing clay disks (clay pigeons) into the air. Sometimes they will even launch rubber duckies. Once you’ve activated the skeet shooter, all you have to do is shoot the clay pigeons as they launch into the air. Visit five different skeet shooters and shoot clay pigeons at each location to complete this challenge.

Here are all of the clay pigeon locations that we know of so far. We’ve included an image of each clay pigeon location so that you know what to look for when searching for each location in Fortnite.

Clay Pigeon West of Lazy Links (G2 -G3)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Lazy Links

Travel east of Lazy Links towards the bridge. The clay pigeon machine is just north of the bridge on its east side, overlooking the river. 

Clay Pigeon Northeast Shore of Loot Lake (E4)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Loot Lake

Find a clay pigeon at the northeast shore of Loot Lake near a large tree, overlooking the lake. 

Clay Pigeon North of Lonely Lodge (J4)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Lonely Lodge

Between Lonely Lodge and Wailing Woods, look for a clay pigeon machine in the small clearing beyond the trees.

Clay Pigeon South of Paradise Palms (I9)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Paradise Palms

Follow the river that flows from the oasis southwest of Paradise Palms toward the southern edge of the map. The clay pigeon is by a campsite just before the waterfall dropoff.

Clay Pigeon West of Pleasant Park (B4)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Pleasant Park West

Look for a clay pigeon setup at the base of the mountain west of Pleasant Park, just north of the abandoned house. 

Clay Pigeon South of Shifty Shafts (D8)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Shifty Shafts

There’s one more clay pigeon skeet shooter south of Shifty Shafts near the edge of the island in section D8. Look for a red umbrella near an unnamed location.

Once you’ve shot a clay pigeon at five of these locations, you’ll complete the challenge and earn five Battle Stars toward your Season 5 Battle Pass. Make sure to collect the hidden Battle Star marked on the Flush Factory treasure map as well to complete another Season 5 Week 3 challenge in Fortnite. 

For more tips on how to complete various challenges in Fortnite, such as where to find all floating lighting bolts, head over to our Fortnite Season 5 Challenge Guide.

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