Fortnite players working their way through the Week 13 Challenges will start with a Legendary Quest that tasks them with opening a Mission Kit, then placing a Jammer outside of an IO Base.

While this sounds somewhat complicated, especially seeing as how you have to do all of that within a single match, it’s actually relatively simple. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to open the Mission Kit then place a Jammer outside of an IO Base in one match! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 | Open Mission Kit Then Place Jammer Outside IO Base in One Match

The first step when it comes to the Legendary Quest where you need to open a Mission Kit before placing a Jammer outside of an IO Base is knowing where to go.

In your Quests menu, interacting with the Quest will cause two locations to pop up on the map – one being Lazy Lake and the other being Corny Complex – as seen in the image above. These are the locations you’ll want to focus on for this task.

To start, you’re going to want to pay a visit to Lazy Lake for the “Mission Kit” portion of the Quest. The item you’re looking for won’t say “Mission Kit” but rather “Collect Jammer” and will look like a long metal case. 

Note that we weren’t able to complete the Quest the first time around so we repeated the process.

In doing so, we found that the Mission Kit (Collect Jammer) and Jammer locations (Deploy Jammer) are random, so keep that in mind as you explore the Lazy Lake and Corny Complex areas. 

Once you’ve acquired the Jammer from Lazy Lake, your Back Bling will change to reflect you have the Jammer. Make your way over to Corny Complex and keep an eye out for a blue outline where you can place the Jammer.

When you approach this outline, you should see a prompt that reads Deploy Jammer. All you need to do is interact with this to place the Jammer and complete the Quest. As a reward for completing this Legendary Quest, you’ll earn a hearty 45,000 XP and can move on to the next Quest of leaving Secret Documents at a Bus Stop.

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