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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Where to Find Raptors, How to Tame Raptors

by Morgan Shaver

It’s official, dinosaurs have been added to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6! Specifically, the dinosaurs you’ll encounter are cute little raptors.

Yes, they’ll attack you if you get too close, but similar to wolves in Fortnite you can tame yourself a raptor and have it as a companion who can lend a hand (or a claw) to protect you.

Wondering where to find these dinosaurs (raptors) and how to tame one? Here’s what you need to know! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Where to Find Raptors, How to Tame Raptors 

The first question when it comes to the dinosaurs (raptors) added to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is where you can find them. The answer to this question is that dinosaurs can be typically found around The Spire area, Boney Burbs, Colossal Crops, and near Weeping Woods.

Essentially, most of the center, orange areas of the map. 

Once you find dinosaurs, the next question is how to tame one of them. Like wolves who will sometimes howl when they see you, raptors attack in packs and if one spots you it’ll let out a little shriek, calling its family over to help with the attack. 

  • Craft a Hunter’s Cloak, equip it, approach a raptor, then interact to tame it 


  • Collect a food offering to give to your raptor – either a piece of meat or edible fish
  • Locate a group of raptors and either eliminate all but one, or try and distract the others with food while you work on taming one of them
  • Note that your tamed raptor will defend you against other raptors
  • To give raptors food, select your food item (meat, fish) then toss it on the ground like you would a grenade
  • While the raptor is eating, you can approach it and interact with it to tame it

The best way to tame a raptor is by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak which makes it so that enemy animals like wolves, boar, and now raptors won’t attack you. With that Hunter’s Cloak on, you can walk up and approach a raptor and tame it. 

Or, you could simply farm for meat and fish and throw those food items to a raptor to distract it long enough for you to tame it. While it’s eating, you’ll be able to approach it and interact with it to tame it.

Note that the taming process can take some time, so be prepared with more than one piece of meat and/or fish on hand just in case. You’ll know you’re successful in taming yourself a raptor as it’ll emote happily, and will be marked as a companion. 

Additionally, if you successfully tame one raptor and its untamed friend comes in and tries to attack, your tamed raptor will attack it and defend you, which is nice.

Try and be careful when you’re hunting or fishing with a tamed raptor by your side as it’ll run over and try to eat the meat/fish that drop before you can get to it. 

What can we say, growing raptors need to eat. Also note that Fortnite isn’t like ARK in that you can’t saddle up and ride a raptor. At least, not yet. If that situation changes, we’ll be sure to update this guide to include information on how to do that. 

But as of right now, you can’t ride a raptor, only tame it and have it tag along with you during a match in Fortnite. Hopefully this helps, good luck and have fun taming raptors! 

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