Fortnite players looking to complete all of the Neymar Jr Quests will eventually run into two that ask you to use a soccer ball toy.

Whether you’re having trouble finding a place to score a goal with the soccer ball toy, or you aren’t quite sure what distance drop kicking the soccer ball means, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide that runs through both Neymar Jr soccer ball toy Quests! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Score Goal and Distance Drop Kick Soccer Ball Toy

The first, and easiest, of the two soccer ball toy Quests as part of the Neymar Jr Quests in Fortnite is the one that asks you to score a goal with the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr. To complete this, you’ll first need to unlock the soccer ball toy and Neymar Jr Outfit. 

You’ll be able to do this by completing other Neymar Jr Quests including talking to a soccer character and completing Quests from soccer characters. With the soccer ball toy unlocked, you can equip it to your Emote wheel for easy access.

Even if you don’t have it equipped, you can still access it by opening up Emotes and opening the “Toys” tab. Personally, we recommend adding it to your Emote wheel for these two Neymar Jr Quests, you can always rotate it out afterwards.

Once you have your soccer ball toy ready to go, you’ll also need to wear the Neymar Jr Outfit. With both of these requirements met, you can land at one of three different soccer locations.

All of these locations are where you speak to the game’s three soccer characters, and we’ve outlined their locations in a previous guide. The largest soccer field (which is great for distance drop kicking the soccer ball toy) can be found in the center of Pleasant Park.

Once you reach a soccer field, you’ll simply need to access your Emotes and select the soccer ball toy while facing the goal to kick it in

When done correctly, you’ll be able to cross off the “score a goal with the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr” Quest off your list. The other one using the soccer ball toy asks you to distance drop kick the soccer ball toy (0/500) with the 500 in reference to the distance you kick the soccer ball toy.

When we completed this, since we were already in the large soccer field, we simply ran over to one end of the field and kicked the soccer ball toy towards the goal at the opposite end. We did this on repeat, over and over, until the Quest was completed.

Again, to complete the two soccer ball toy Neymar Jr Quests, you’ll need to equip the Neymar Jr Outfit and have the soccer ball toy in your Emotes (wherever is most convenient for you).

To score a goal, you’ll need to visit one of the three soccer field locations in the game located with the three soccer characters. For the distance drop kick one, this seems to be more open-ended.

If you’re already in a soccer field and no one is bothering you, kicking it into the goal over and over again until you’ve met the (0/500) requirement can be a fun way to cross this Neymar Jr Quest off your list.

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