Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Modify Vehicles With Off-Road Tires

Who needs roads?

One of the Week 5 Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 asks you to modify three vehicles with off-road tires. Vehicle mods were recently introduced, so it makes sense that there would be some confusion in regards to how they work.

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To help make this Week 5 Challenge as easy as possible, we’ve put together a quick little guide explaining how to modify vehicles with off-road tires in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Modify Vehicles With Off-Road Tires

In Fortnite, you can modify vehicles with things like off-road tires. As the name suggests, off-road tires make it easier for you to drive a vehicle through hills, across rivers, and so on.

When doing this for the first time, the first question you may have is where to find these off-road tires. During our time in Fortnite, we found off-road tires in a number of locations, but the two locations we found them at most consistently were gas stations and garages.

In the image below, we’ll show you what these off-road tires look like.

When you see the off-road tire vehicle mod, you can approach it and pick it up. Note that if your inventory is full, you’ll need to swap the off-road tires with something in order to carry them similar to when you pick up a gas canister. 

With your off-road tires, approach the vehicle you want to put them on and “throw” them at the vehicle like you would a grenade. On PC it’s right-click to aim, left-click to toss.

You’ll only need to do this once for the vehicle to have all four off-road tires installed, so don’t worry about having to do this for each tire. You also won’t have to wait for any sort of installation time. 

Simply aim the off-road tire you’re holding and toss it towards a vehicle and the off-road tires will instantly pop on.

With the Week 5 Challenges, you’ll have to do this three different times. You can install off-road tires on any sort of vehicle including a big rig truck if you feel so inclined. 

We did this and found it to be very entertaining, especially when trying to drive it around.

No matter how you approach this Week 5 Challenge though, all you need to do is keep an eye out for a gas station or garage, pick up the off-road tire vehicle mod when you see it, approach a vehicle, and then toss the tire at the car to install it. 

When you’ve done this three times you should see a notification pop up that you’ve completed the Week 5 Challenge and have earned 24,000 XP as a reward. 

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