Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is finally here, bringing with it new Week 1 Challenges, Legendary Quests, and more. When looking at your new list of quests to complete, one that may catch your attention is one that asks you to find “Gold Artifacts” near The Spire. 

If you’re wondering what these Gold Artifacts look like and where they’re located around The Spire in Fortnite, read on as we’ve got a quick guide that’ll help you cross this quest off your list in no time! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Find Gold Artifacts Near the Spire

The first step when it comes to finding “Gold Artifacts” near The Spire in Fortnite is knowing where to find The Spire itself.

In the map image above, we’ve circled where you can find The Spire and we’ve also marked the locations of the three Gold Artifacts around The Spire.

The Spire is smack dab in the middle of the new Season 6 map for Fortnite, and given that Season 6 has just begun, it’s a hotly contested area.

Before heading to The Spire, we recommend landing slightly outside The Spire area and collecting an assortment of weapons and supplies before you begin your search for Gold Artifacts.

Once you’re stocked up and ready to go, head over to The Spire and explore the areas we’ve marked in the map above. When you find a Gold Artifact, it’ll be glowing blue and you can approach and interact with it to collect it. 

To make things even easier, we’ve got an image of each of the three locations where you’ll find Gold Artifacts near The Spire for you to look at down below. 

Gold Artifact #1 

The first Gold Artifact we found by The Spire in Fortnite is located in one of the market stalls. To find this market stall, stick to the right side of the buildings near The Spire and look for the telltale glowing blue of the Gold Artifact as it'll illuminate the back of the market stall.

Gold Artifact #2 

The second Gold Artifact by The Spire in Fortnite is located on the right side as you climb the stone steps of The Spire. It's hidden behind a wooden wall, you'll need to cut the wall down in order to reveal the Gold Artifact.

Gold Artifact #3

The third Gold Artifact we found by The Spire in Fortnite is also part of the climb up The Spire, though this one is closer to the bottom on the western edge of The Spire area. It's located by an altar up against the stone, if you're climbing up, the Gold Artifact should be on your left. 


Once you’ve collected all three Gold Artifacts near The Spire in Fortnite, the quest will be marked as complete and you’ll earn 24,000 XP as a reward.

Hopefully this guide was helpful, and be sure to check back as Prima will have more Fortnite Season 6 guides going live throughout the week! 

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