In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, the beginning of Week 5 heralds the start of new challenges for players to complete, including one that tasks them with digging up Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park.

Naturally, the question of where exactly these gnomes can be dug up in each area, and how to go about the digging process, are bound to come up.

To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide showing you where and how to dig up Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 5 | Where to Dig Up Gnomes in Fortnite 

If you’ve been working to complete Week 5 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, you’re bound to come across one where you need to dig up Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park. 

This challenge is part of the Grimbles challenge which has 4 different stages, digging up Gnomes being the first of these 4 stages. In total, there are 4 Gnomes that you’ll need to dig up to complete this challenge, 2 in each area (Fort Crumpet, Pleasant Park). 

In the map image above, we’ve circled where you can find each Gnome in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park in Fortnite. Note that Fort Crumpet isn’t a marked location in Fortnite, so we’ve marked it for you in the upper left corner of the game’s map near Sweaty Sands.

Buried Gnomes are marked by unusual looking mounds of dirt. To dig them up, all you need to do is swing your Pickaxe at the dirt mound once and a Gnome should pop up from the ground, will stay there for a few seconds, and then will disappear. 

Struggling to find these dirt mounds where you dig up Gnomes? Below, we’ve also got individual images of where exactly each Gnome is located to help make the search even easier. 

Fort Crumpet - Gnome #1

The first Gnome in Fort Crumpet can be found inside the fort structure itself. On the map, it's placed on the far left and towards the bottom edge of the dirt circle that marks Fort Crumpet (see map image above). 

Fort Crumpet - Gnome #2

The second Gnome in Fort Crumpet can also be found inside the Fort Crumpet structure.

Unlike the first one, this one requires you to work your way inside the structure a bit towards the northern edge of the building, shown as closer to center of the dirt area that marks Fort Crumpet on your map (see map image above). 

Pleasant Park - Gnome #3

The next set of Gnomes can be found at Pleasant Park. The first one you're likely to stumble across is located near the center plaza of Pleasant Park, shown as right above the "A" in "Park" on your Fortnite map (see map image above).

Keep an eye out for the small little tree shown in the image above as the dirt mound where you dig up the Gnome is located right next to this tree. 

Pleasant Park - Gnome #4

The second Gnome in Pleasant Park can be found in the backyard of one of the location's many homes. This home is located on the northern edge of Pleasant Park and towards the center of the northern home sections as seen on the Fortnite map (map image above). 

If you're having a hard time finding it, the backyard is rather large, so keep running past the homes on the northern edge looking for a large backyard. In the upper right corner by the yard's fence, you'll spot the Gnome dirt mound.

Once you’ve dug up all 4 Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park in Fortnite, you’ll have completed the challenge and will earn yourself 20,000 XP and can move on to the next stage of the Grimbles challenge which tasks you with searching 15 Chests or Ammo Crates. 

Again, there are 4 stages in total that you’ll need to complete in order to cross off the Grimbles challenge from your to-do list in Fortnite.

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