Starting tomorrow, February 11, Fortnite’s Season 5 Week 11 Challenges will be available. Given the week’s proximity to Valentine’s Day, you can expect some special Valentine’s Day-themed activities.

Furthermore, community battles for Hearts Wild begin today, February 10, and run until February 17. Looking to start with the Week 11 Challenges before digging into other Valentine’s Day activities?

No problem, here’s the full list of Fortnite Season 5 Week 11 Challenges!  

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 11 Challenges

The Season 5 Week 11 Challenges are available in Fortnite starting on Thursday, February 11. The following Thursday, February 18, a fresh batch of Challenges will swoop in.

If you’ve been working hard to earn XP in order to make Battle Pass progress, we highly recommend taking the time to work through each of the Week 11 Challenge.

On Twitter, iFireMonkey is known for sharing Fortnite’s Challenges early and this week is no exception. Below, we’ve got the full list of Fortnite Season 5 Week 11 Challenges as shared by iFireMonkey.

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Week 11 Legendary Quests

  • Deal (1,000) Damage To Opponents With Crossbows - 55,000 XP

  • Deal (2,000) Damage To Opponents With Crossbows - 22,000 XP

  • Deal (3,000) Damage To Opponents With Crossbows - 22,000 XP

  • Deal (4,000) Damage To Opponents With Crossbows - 22,000 XP

  • Deal (5,000) Damage To Opponents With Crossbows - 22,000 XP

Week 11 Epic Quests

  • Catch (3) Different Kinds of Fish to Find a Valentine’s Date for Fishstick - 20,000 XP

  • Serve Fishstick and his Date a Fancy Dinner at Any Restaurant (1) - 20,000 XP

  • Find a Rose (1) at Steel Farm or The Orchard - 20,000 XP

  • Collect Grimbles’ Love Potion from Fort Crumpet, Coral Cove, or Stealthy Stronghold (1) - 20,000 XP

  • Deliver the Love Potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town (1) - 20,000 XP

  • Collect (3) Chocolate Boxes from Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, or Retail Row - 20,000 XP

  • Choose a Character to be Lovely’s Valentine (1) - 20,000 XP

As mentioned earlier, all of the Week 11 Challenges are themed around Valentine’s Day. For the Legendary Quests, you’ll need to find a Crossbow and deal damage to enemies with it, which is relatively straightforward.

In the event you find yourself having a hard time finding Crossbows in Fortnite, be sure to check our site tomorrow as we’ll begin posting Week 11 Challenge guides to help you speed up the process of completing each and every task.

For some of the Week 11 Epic Quests, you shouldn’t have too difficult of a time. For example, the first one is basically just asking you to fish and collect three different kinds of fish.

Some of the others may be a bit more tedious in that you have to find specific items, like a rose or chocolate boxes. Again, we’ll have guides for the Week 11 Challenges here on our website, and will be sure to point you in the right direction for these types of tasks.

And there you have it, the full list of Week 11 Challenges in Fortnite. After taking a look at the list, what do you think of the Valentine’s Day-themed activities? Are you looking forward to dealing damage with a Crossbow, or helping Fishstick have a pleasant Valentine’s Day date?

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