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Fortnite Blockbuster Challenges – How to Unlock Free Battle Pass Tiers

by Larryn Bell

Players who purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass in Fortnite are granted access to a series of weekly challenges that reward players with customizations upon completion. Along with weekly challenges, Season 4 has introduced a new set of hidden Blockbuster challenges that were not available during the previous season. Blockbuster challenges are completed each time a player finishes a full set of challenges from a given week. 

Completing a Blockbuster challenge rewards players with a special loading screen that happens to double as a puzzle containing clues to a secret Battle Star hidden somewhere in Fortnite Battle Royale, essentially giving players free points to rank up their Battle Pass. We’ll show you where to find each of the hidden Battle Stars for every Blockbuster challenge below as they become available in Fortnite.

Blockbuster Challenge Battle Star Locations

It’s important to note that in order to find the hidden Battle Stars for the Blockbuster challenges, players must first have completed all the regular challenges from a given week. So, even if you know where to find each of the hidden stars, they won’t pop up unless you’ve completed the corresponding Blockbuster challenge and have unlocked its loading screen. You must also equip the loading screen ahead of time for the Blockbuster challenge you wish to complete before loading into a Fortnite match to collect the hidden Battle Star.

Blockbuster Challenge – Week 1

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge Week 1 Battle Star Location

The loading screen reward for the first Blockbuster challenge in Fortnite shows a meteor crashing in the background of a movie set. If you look closely, you can see a faint Battle Star crest hovering above the tower just beside the meteor crash. 

To find this hidden Battle Star in Fortnite, players must make their way to the destroyed prison near Moisty Mire in section H8. Search on top of the guard tower on the northeast corner of the prison to find the secret Battle Star and get a free Battle Pass tier-up.

Blockbuster Challenge – Week 2

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge Week 2 Battle Star Location

The second Blockbuster challenge in Fortnite rewards players with a nice loading screen featuring the coveted Omega skin outfit. If you look closely at the brick wall behind the Omega, you can just make out four coordinates written on the wall. The coordinates are: A3, A4, B3, B4.

To find the hidden Battle Star, you must go to the location in between all four of those quadrants on the map grid in Fortnite, where the corners of the four squares touch. Search the ground in this location to collect another free Battle Star.

Blockbuster Challenge – Week 3

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge Week 3 Battle Star Location

To find the Battle Star for Blockbuster Challenge #3, make your way to Fatal Fields. Land on top the mountain to the southwest of the Fatal Fields crater and search the ground around the tree to find the hidden Battle Star. 

Blockbuster Challenge – Week 4

Fortnite Week 4 Blockbuster Challenge

The Fortnite loading screen for Blockbuster Challenge #4 is a bit more obscure. Look closely and you will see a Battle Star tucked behind a banner near some metal beams. The image seems to point to a location inside the “Omega Lair” supervillain fortress built into the mountain just northeast of Snobby Shores. Note that you must fully complete your fourth set of Battle Pass challenges and equip this loading screen before you can discover this hidden Battle Star in Fortnite.

Blockbuster Challenge – Week 5

Fortnite Blockbuster Week 5

The Week 5 Blockbuster Challenge is much easier than the ones from previous weeks, especially if you are familiar with some of the landmarks on the map. To find the Battle Star for the fifth Blockbuster Challenge, simply visit the large wooden crab structure at the southeast edge of the map, directly south of the prison at Moisty Mire. If you’ve completed five weeks of challenges, a golden Battle Star can be found on top of the wooden crab.

Blockbuster Challenge – Week 6

Fortnite Blockbuster Week 6 Battle Star Location

By completing all the challenges across six weeks in Fortnite, players can unlock this lovely loading screen featuring Fortnite’s cast of superheroes and villains taking a break on set. Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted the hidden Battle Star just above the red food truck on the right side of the image. This clue points to a secret Battle Star found in Greasy Grove. Locate the “Fork Knife” food truck outside the burger restaurant in Greasy Grove and climb on top the truck to collect your free Battle Star.

We will continue to update this guide as new Blockbuster challenges become available in Fortnite, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back here once you complete the Blockbuster challenges yourself to redeem your free Battle Pass tiers. If you are having trouble completing Fortnite challenges, head over to our Season 4 Weekly Challenge Guide for help with some of the trickier challenges.

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