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Fortnite Blitz Showdown LTM – Rewards and Leaderboard

by Larryn Bell

Epic Games has just unleashed another competitive showdown mode for Fortnite Battle Royale. This time, Fortnite players get to face-off in a new limited time mode called Blitz Showdown, a fast-paced mode where players can compete for free V-Bucks and other rewards. If you want to find out what Fortnite’s Blitz Showdown LTM is all about, then continue reading below.

Fortnite Blitz Showdown LTM

Blitz Showdown is a new competitive version of the original Blitz LTM that was available not too long ago. Blitz Showdown mode features faster storm circles and more loot, which make for some hectic and competitive battles. The storm will already be closing in at the start of each match, and the wait time between storms is shorter than usual. New items such as the Port-a-Fort device, Clinger, and LMG have been incorporated into the new Blitz Showdown LTM as well.

Fortnite Blitz Showdown Leaderboard Score

According to the official Blitz Showdown contest rules, players must complete at least 25 matches of Blitz Showdown mode in order to qualify for prizes. It’s these first 25 matches that determine your score and placement on the Blitz Showdown leaderboards, which will be updated at the end of the event. Once the contest ends, Epic will update the main Blitz Showdown blog post with the standings for the top ranked players in each region.

Your final score is determined by your performance and placement within your first 25 matches of Blitz Showdown. For each match, players are awarded a certain number of points depending on their placement. For example, winning a match of Blitz Showdown in first place will grant you 100 points toward your total, while placing in the bottom 76 or below will grant you only 25 points. You can see how many points are awarded for each match placement in the chart below.

1 100
2 94
3 91
4 88
5 85
6 80
7 75
8 70
9 65
10 60
11 – 15 55
16 – 20 50
21 – 30 45
31 – 40 40
41 – 50 35
51 – 75 30
76 – 100 25

Alongside the points earned for placement, players also earn points for eliminating other players. Each enemy elimination grants you three points toward your cumulative point total.

Blitz Showdown Rewards

Players who place in the top 100 for each server region will be awarded free V-Bucks at the end of the contest. Fortnite’s Blitz Showdown LTM is available now and will end on June 4th at 10:00 am EST. The award breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st Place: 20,000 V-bucks
  • 2nd Place – 5th Place: 13,500 V-Bucks
  • 6th Place – 100th Place: 7,500 V-bucks

Blitz Showdown Tips

  • Drop Fast – In Blitz Showdown mode, the first storm will already be closing in at the start of the match. To balance the mode out for everyone, the Battle Bus now flies lower so that players can drop closer to the ground and spend less time skydiving. However, you will still want to try to drop as soon as you can so that you can land quickly and start finding the best loot.
  • Land Carefully – Blitz Showdown is hectic enough as it is. You might want to avoid dropping in at a popular starting area like Tilted Towers, as you’ll likely get caught up in a shootout the moment you land. Instead, consider landing somewhere less populated so that you have time to find loot and prepare for battle. Loot drops are increased, which should help.
  • Loot Everything – As we mentioned above, the loot drop rates have been increased for Blitz Showdown, which means you’ll have a good chance of finding powerful legendary weapons or equipment if you know where to look. Don’t settle for that green shotgun if you can check a few nooks and crannies to find something better. 

Fortnite’s Blitz Showdown LTM is just one of the many new features that arrived this week, along with shopping carts and a new set of challenges for Week 5. For more on Fortnite, head over to our Fortnite game hub.

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