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Fortnite Battle Royale Snobby Shores Treasure Map

by Bryan Dawson

If you’ve been playing Fortnite Battle Royale for awhile you should be familiar with the various challenges that crop up in the game. This week the challenge is to find the Snobby Shores map in Fortnite Battle Royale. Like any good treasure map, the Snobby Shores treasure map leads to some loot that you might just want. While the position of the map is randomized, we’ve included all the details you need to find the loot and collect what’s yours in the Fortnite Battle Royale Snobby Shores treasure map challenge.

Snobby Shores Treasure Map

First and foremost, as we just mentioned, the location of the map changes randomly from game to game. While it’s always found in Snobby Shores (west side of the big map), that’s about as detailed as we can be. As with the other recent challenges, the area will be packed with people looking for the map, so be careful as you search. Because of the random placement, we can’t provide the exact location of the map. What we can do is show you the treasure map (see below) and then tell you where to go.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Treasure Map

Even though the actual Snobby Shores treasure map location is random, it always points to the same location. The Snobby Shores treasure is found in an area between two trees sandwiched between two cliffs. This location is just northeast of the Snobby Shores area.

There are two mountains east of Snobby Shores, with two trees on the ground between the two mountains. These two mountains also have bullseyes at the top. The trees are side by side and separated from the other trees in the area, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Head over to the location and run between the two trees to find the Battle Star crest. That’s all there is to it. Once again, it’s important to note that the area will likely be filled with other players ready to gun you down, so be very careful as you approach.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

Now that you know where to find the Snobby Shores treasure in Fortnite, make sure you’ve marked off the challenge for finding the Dusty Depot treasure as well. For more on the game be sure to check out our Fortnite Battle Royale game hub!

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