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Fortnite Battle Royale Season X Map Changes

by Nicholas Barth

Season X has officially arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale, and it is likely the craziest update ever to hit the popular game. Much of this craziness for Fortnite Season X has to do with the various map changes that have taken place. If you have not yet been able to jump into the newest form of the battle royale title, you’ll want to read up on all of the changes that have taken place on the game’s map for this new period of content. 

Fortnite Season X Map Changes

Veteran players will be excited to see the fan-favorite locations of Dusty Depot and the “OG” Factories have made a return in one of the most significant changes to the Fortnite map in Season X. There are sure to be plenty of players experiencing high levels of nostalgia from being able to battle it out at these locations once again. 

Another set of significant map changes that occurred with the start of Fortnite Season X is the Rift Zone areas. These Rift Zones are points of interests that have been significantly altered by the Loot Lake orb explosion which sent the world of the battle royale title into its current time-traveling them. Players will experience unprecedented changes whenever they enter these new Rift Zones, such as not being able to build or having the look of their cosmetic items change amid a match. 

Another major change players will notice when they jump into Season X of Fortnite is the meteor which impacted the map of Fortnite to start Season 4 and kicked off all of the in-game changes that led to to the start of period X is now frozen in the sky for all to see. Players can land on top of the infamous meteor and get a closer look at one of the most popular items in Fortnite’s history. 

You can find a map complete with all of the changes Season X of Fortnite has brought to the battle royale game’s environment below. 

Fortnite Season X Map Changes

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