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Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treasure Map Location

by Larryn Bell

One of the Week 5 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale involves following an Anarchy Acres treasure map to locate hidden treasure elsewhere in the world. Fortnite treasure maps can be tricky to decipher on your own, so we’ll help you get a head start on this Week 5 challenge by showing you were to find the treasure marked on the Anarchy Acres treasure map in Fortnite Battle Royale. Follow the steps below or check out the video to get started on this Fortnite treasure hunt.

Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treasure Map

We happened to find the treasure map itself inside the big red barn in Anarchy Acres. You may not find the map in the same place as we did, but don’t worry. You don’t need to find the map first to unearth the treasure. You can simply go straight to the treasure location. Although the challenge is labeled as Hard, it shouldn’t take too long to find the Anarchy Acres treasure if you know where to look. 

While Fortnite treasure maps are intentionally obscure, there’s usually just enough information to work with to find the treasure marked on the map. Note that since these are Battle Pass challenges, you must also be a Battle Pass holder in order obtain the treasure marked on treasure maps in Fortnite.

Fortnite Anarchy Acres treasure map

The Anarchy Acres treasure map in Fortnite indicates that there is treasure located south of a large llama on a hill, somewhere near a boot-shaped object. If you completed the Llama, Fox, and Crab challenge from Week 1, then you will immediately know to start searching for this treasure around Junk Junction, as the massive scrap metal llama is located just to the north.

To find Anarchy Acres treasure, you must make your way to the northwest corner of the map and search in section B2.  At the base of the hill with the large metal llama, search near a lone rock sticking up in the grass, southwest of Junk Junction. 

If you are searching in the correct spot, a golden Battle Star crest will pop up from underground. Collect the golden star to complete the Week 5 Anarchy Acres treasure map challenge in Fortnite. Once you’ve collected the treasure, make sure to fully complete the match. The treasure won’t count toward the challenge if you return to the lobby immediately after finding it.

This isn’t the first treasure map challenge we’ve seen in Fortnite. If you still have some treasure map challenges to complete, check out our guides for the Dusty Depot treasure map as well as the Snobby Shores treasure map to ensure you’ve completed all the treasure hunt challenges so far.

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