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Fortnite Battle Royale – All Items

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to be good at Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, then knowing what to do with all the items you find is going to be important. There are a total of nine different items that you can find and use in Fortnite Battle Royale, and each item has a distinct and unique purpose. In this article we’ll go over the different Fortnite Battle Royale items, talk about what they do, and more.

All Battle Royale Items

The first items we’ll talk about are traps. These items are mostly found inside of chests, which you can find spread throughout the world a bit. They aren’t only confined to chests, though, as we’ve seen them around other places, too, but looting chests is your best way to try to get your hands on a trap.

Spike Trap – This trap can be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings to catch other players by surprise when they enter buildings. These are great for fortifying locations that you want to defend.

Launch Pad – This trap is actually one of the most sought after items in the game because it will allow you to jump high into the air and parachute down on your enemies. It’s a great tactic that has proven reliable for many, and it’s something to take into account if you ever come across one of these items.

Cozy Campfire – While this item isn’t technically a trap, that’s what the game classifies it as, and it’s a very useful item indeed. This item heals players for 2HP every second for a total of 25 seconds. You can learn more about it in our guide on how to use the Cozy Campfire.

Now that we’ve covered traps, let’s talk about healing items and other useful things.

Shield Potions – These items are extremely important because they grant the player a 50% boost to their shields, which will allow them to increase their chances of surviving firefights with enemy players.

Mini Shield Potions – Works similar to the Shield Potion but only grants 25 shield points up to a max of 50 total. You’ll then need to use the regular Shield Potion to bump your way up to 100% shield.

Bandages – As one of the most used items in Fortnite Battle Royale, you’ll be making use of this item quite a bit during your time in the game. Each bandage used allows you to be healed for 15HP up to 75HP Total.

Medkit – The Medkit is one of the least found items that we’ve come across in our many hours with the game, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. It heals the player for up to 100%, making it one of the most useful healing items in the game.

Slurp Juice – This is one of our favorite items in the game because it grants the player both HP and Shield Points. It restores 25 to each, and is really useful when used with bandages.

Bush – If you like stealth, then the Bush is one of the best items that you’ll find in Fortnite Battle Royale. Not only does it allow you to sneak around, but it’s also found quite a bit in the game. It’s only useful for early-mid game, though, as you’ll be dealing with much more alert players in the final points of the match.

Those are all the current items that we’ve come across in Fortnite Battle Royale. We’ll continue to update the article with new items as they enter the game, so make sure you bookmark this article and check back often for the most up-to-date info about the game’s different items. For now, head back over to our Fortnite guide for even more helpful articles about Epic Games’ hit free-to-play BR title.


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