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Fortnite Basketball Court Locations – All Basketball Hoops

by Larryn Bell

One of Fortnite’s Week 2 challenges for Season 5 involves shooting hoops at various basketball courts throughout the map. More specifically, the challenge says to score a basket on different hoops in Fortnite. This challenge is a bit more complex than it sounds, as it requires players to bring their own ball to the court. Below, we’ve listed every basketball hoop location we know of in Fortnite along with a map of where to find each basketball court and what you must do to complete this challenge.

Before you queue up to find every basket in Fortnite, you must first equip your own basketball to use at each basket location. To do this, go to the Locker tab and equip a Basketball Toy (unlocked at Tier 11 on the Battle Pass) into one of your emote slots. When you visit each basketball hoop location, use the Basketball Toy emote like you would any other emote to score a basket in each of the different hoops in Fortnite.

Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations

There are at least nine different basketball hoop locations that we know of in Fortnite, which we’ve listed below. Most of the baskets are found either on the east or west halves of the map, rather than north or south. You will need to score a basket in at least five different hoops to complete this challenge.

  1. If you make your way to Junk Junction, look for a basketball hoop on the east side.
  2. There is a basketball court at the northeast corner of Greasy Grove, across from Durrr Burger.
  3. Look in the back of the second house from the north end of Snobby Shores.
  4. Look for a basketball court on top of a brick building on the northwest corner of Tilted Towers.
  5. Find another basketball court west of Tilted Towers near the indoor soccer field.
  6. Land on the mountain southwest of Salty Springs to find a house with a single basketball hoop.
  7. There’s a basketball court on the south side of Retail Row directly across from NOMS.
  8. Head east of Retail Row to find another lone basketball hoop at the RV park
  9. At the northwest corner of Paradise Palms, there’s a single basketball hoop at the end of the street.

Fortnite Hoop Locations Map

To score a basket at these different basketball hoop locations, try to stand at about half court and aim near the rim of the basket when making your shot. You should be able to get the hang of it after a few practice throws. Remember, you only need to score baskets at five different hoop locations, so try to visit multiple basketball courts in a single match to complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

Now that you know where to find every basketball court and hoop location in Fortnite, you should be well on your way to earning enough XP to unlock each upgrade for the Drift and Ragnarok skins before the end of Season 5. Also, make sure to collect the hidden Battle Star between the Oasis, Rock Archway, and Dinosaurs in Fortnite to mark off another Week 2 challenge. Visit our Fortnite Season 5 Weekly Challenge Guide for more challenges. 

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