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Fortnite Adds Black Panther Monument to Honor Chadwick Boseman

by Liana Ruppert

Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman recently passed away and with the Fortnite Marvel event going on now, Epic Games wanted to do something special to honor the man. As players take to new challenges to unlock various Marvel-themed cosmetics, the studio revealed another new addition: a monument to honor Black Panther in Memorium of Boseman. 

The young actor passed away this weekend after a 4-year long battle with colon cancer. The community immediately mourned the loss of such an incredible man while looking back at the hidden strength none of us knew was there. While battling stage 3 – and later 4 – cancer, he starred in four movies and pioneered new perceptions of black characters in media. He was a source of light for many and it was easy to see how loved he was when he passed. 

A previous leak for Fortnite showed that Black Panther content was coming, and we’re being told by our source that this plan is still in motion and on the way, but the team also wanted to add in something special to honor the actor. To honor his impactful role as the Black Panther himself, Epic Games erected a special monument to his Marvel legacy. 

In order to find the Black Panther monument, players must go to Misty Meadows and then head west. It’s hard to miss; it’s a gigantic Black Panther statue that rests on top of an open hill. It’s easy to see and even easier to appreciate. While more content is on the way for this particular part of the Marvel-verse, it’s nice to see that nods like this for a passing that shocked everyone. 

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The new Black Panther monument and new Marvel content is now available in Fortnite on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, though not on Apple devices for mobile due to an ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. 

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