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Fortbyte 77: Found Within A Track-Side Taco Shop

by John Cooper

Fortbyte 77 found within a track-side taco shop is the latest clue to another of the collectables that were introduced when Season 9 of Fortnite began. Apparently, getting all of them will unveil a secret, though just grabbing most of them will net you some sweet loot. Each of them can be found by completing objectives, using special emotes, or simply going to the right place at the right time. Finding each of them is a lot of hard work thanks to the peculiar mix of objectives and milestones you have to complete or reach. In order to make the experience a lot easier, here is our guide to grabbing Fortbyte 77.

Fortbyte 77 Found Within A Track-Side Taco Shop

This particular Fortbyte is quite easy to find as long as you know where the race track is. You need to look towards the desert biome and south of Lonely Lodge. The track itself is the squiggly section of road that looks much thicker than the other roads. Next to the west side of the track is a small building which happens to be a taco shop. If you make your way inside of this building then you’ll be able to acquire Fortbyte 77 for your collection, it is right next to the counter and is quite hard to miss. It should be a fairly quiet landing spot, so if you’re quick it should be easy to grab some loot from the area as well.

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