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Fortbyte 64: Accessible By Rox On Top Of Stunt Mountain

by John Cooper

Fortnite Season 9 introduced us all to Fortbytes, an autocorrect confusing collectable that you need to hunt down if you want to get everything you can from the latest season of the game. Each one of these computer chips comes with its own challenge, whether that be simply gaining a certain amount of experience, completing a puzzle, or just going to a specific area of the map. Fortbyte 64 has you journeying to the dizzying heights of Stunt Mountain while using the Rox skin. Thankfully, you should have it as it is a Tier 1 reward from this Season’s Battle Pass. So, here is how you can get Fortbyte 64. 

How To Get Fortbyte 64

First things first, make sure you’re actually wearing the Rox skin, otherwise, this whole adventure will be fruitless. Once you’ve done that you need to make your way to the top of Stunt Mountain. Unlike many of the named areas in Fortnite, Stunt Mountain isn’t actually named on the main map. It lies between Pleasant Park, Neo Titled, and Snobby Shores. The chip itself sits atop the peak of the mountain next to the sign displaying the height of this rocky formation. Walk up to Fortbyte 64 and interact with it to claim it as your own. Once you’ve done that you just need to keep playing for fun and you are set. Once again, you have to be dressed as Rox to be able to grab it, otherwise, it will be impossible to interact with. 

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