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Fortbyte 6: Accessible With The Yay Emote At An Ice Cream Shop In The Desert

by John Cooper

Fortbytes are the latest collectable in the Battle Royale phenomenon that is Fortnite. They were introduced along with Season 9 of the game and can be found in a variety of places and ways. Some of them require you to earn a certain amount of experience, while others just need to be hunted down on the map during a battle. Fortbyte 6 is the latest one that requires the use of a specific emote in a specific place in order to get your hands on it. Specifically, you need to head to an ice cream shop and use the Yay! emote in order to unlock it. 

Where To Get Fortbyte 6

Before you hunt this particular place down, you need to actually have the Yay! emote. The good news is that all you need to do in order to unlock it is reach Tier 14 of the Season 9 Battle Pass. Once you’ve done this you just need to make sure it is equipped before heading into a match to actually grab this Fortbyte. 

Once you have the emote, it is time to head into a match and collect Fortbyte 6. The ice cream shop is to the southeast of Mega Mall just off of the road going through the desert. Once you get there you need to find your way inside and get behind the counter. Then, it’s just a simple matter of using the Yay! emote and grabbing Fortbyte 6. 

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