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Fortbyte 47: Search Between a Reboot Van, Pirate Camp, and a Crashed Battlebus

by John Cooper

The Fortbytes are the latest collectable in the incredibly popular Fortnite. They were introduced as part of the Season 9 and are all mysterious little computer chips that are said to form a full image when they are all collected. They all come with cryptic hints or challenges that you need to either track down or work for. Fortbyte 47 comes with the clue “search between a Reboot Van, Pirate Camp, and a crashed Battlebus”. While this is a very specific clue, actually tracking it down is actually quite tricky. 

Where to Find Fortbyte 47

While we know what we are looking for thanks to the clue, finding them in a map as vast as Fortnite’s is another issue entirely. The area you need to head to is deep within a forest in between Lazy Lagoon and The Block. The specific area is shown on the map below in order to make things a bit simpler. You can find it by heading to Lazy Lagoon and then heading west into the trees. It is in a small dip where the dirt road splits off. It should be hovering just above the ground so despite how hard it is to track down, it should be easy to spot. It is best to do this straight from dropping out of the Battlebus in order to make things nice and easy. You don’t want to try and head here as the circle is closing as it will make the experience far more stressful.

Congratulations on getting Fortbyte 47, if you are looking for any of the other Fortbytes then you should have a look at our Fortnite Hub. You should also give Prima Games a follow on Twitter to keep up to date with everything we are doing. If you’re looking for a different kind of Battle Royale experience then maybe you should give this article by Shack News a good read.