If you're on the hunt for Fortbytes then you're in the right place. Since the beginning of Season 9 in Fortnite more and more of these peculiar little computer chips have been appearing, and getting all of them is the latest quest for many Fortnite players. While we know that you can get loot as you collect them, apparently collecting all of them will reveal a special picture as well. That means that everyone is trying to keep up to date with them as new ones appear daily.  Fortbyte 26 accessible with The Bunker Jonesy outfit near a snowy bunker is the latest one to appear and is yet another one that requires a bit of leg work before you even go to the Fortbyte itself. 

Fortbyte 26 Accessible With The Bunker Jonesy Outfit Near A Snowy Bunker

You need to unlock Bunker Jonesy by reaching Tier 23 of the Battle Pass, this has to be done before you can grab the Fortbyte so make sure you have it and also have it equipped. Now that you are all dressed up, it is time to head to the bunker itself. The bunker can be found on the small snowy island near Happy Hamlet, it is the right-hand one of the two. Once you land there, you need to head into the run-down looking shack there and you'll see the Fortbyte hovering above a rather unsanitary looking mattress. 

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