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Force Troopers Borderlands 3 Guide: Rare Spawn Week Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been caught up on the latest in Borderlands 3 events, then you’re going to be very aware of the fact that it’s Rare Spawn Week! Part of the Gearbox anniversary festivities that have been planned for the Borderlands series, there’s a whole ton of rare enemies to go hunting for. However, some are easier to find than others. Check out our Force Troopers Borderlands 3 guide for some tips on where this mob spawns and what you can get from it.

Force Troopers Borderlands 3 Guide: Rare Spawn Week Guide

If you’re seeking the Force Troopers this Rare Spawn Week, then we have just one recommend location for you and all other Vault Hunters to scout. They’re a rare spawn in the Atlas Headquarters, and they can usually be pretty tough if you’re wanting to farm them. Luckily, it’ll all be worth it because of this week’s rewards.

Some of the enemies that are included in the Rare Spawn Week festivities will have increased drop rates for weapons, shields, or modifications to weapons specifically. If you’re after the Force Troopers, taking them down during the event week (which goes from October 8 to October 15) will grant you an increased chance to obtain Legendary class mods. We reckon this makes the toil and trouble worth it. 

For those trying to find Atlas HQ, you’re in luck: it’s a location that you encounter fairly early in the scheme of things on Promethea. You should be quite well-travelled by the time you’re getting around to farming any enemies for Rare Spawn week, so finding the Force Troopers should be a piece of cake. You might have to dispatch some Maliwan stooges that are lurking around the warzone, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of them to get to the real prize. 

If you need a list of the full rewards that are going to be available to all brave Vault Hunters who are participating in Rare Spawn Week, we have a complete guide for that as well so you can crack into the hunting without fear.

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