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For Honor – Honorable Kills

by Bryan Dawson

Some of the daily contracts in For Honor require you to rack up a certain number of honorable kills. However, the game doesn’t go into detail on what exactly that means. This article covers For Honor honorable kills so you can complete those contracts and reap the benefits. Unfortunately, it takes a lot to be honorable in For Honor, so read on to find out just how much you have to sacrifice.

How to Get Honorable Kills

In order to get honorable kills in For Honor you must defeat an enemy alone, with your weapon and without any shenanigans. That means you can’t kill someone who was already damage by another teammate, or knock someone off a cliff or into an environmental hazard. It has to be a 1-on-1 battle with only your weapon and your honor to lead you to victory.

Honorable Kill Requirements

  • No double or triple teaming.
  • No environmental hazards.
  • No throwing the enemy off cliffs or into spikes.
  • No damage inflicted by any means other than your own weapon.

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