The Five Best Characters in Battleborn

There are a huge variety of characters to choose from, but these five should be at the top of your list.

Battleborn is an action-packed multiplayer game that offers a lot of variety when it comes to its characters. We’re talking sniper classes, melee classes, assault classes; you name it. No matter what style of play you’re after, there’s something for everyone. However, if you want to go with the top of the pack, there are five of the best characters in Battleborn.

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Oscar Mike


This Battleborn Peacekeeper is an ideal choice for players who mastered the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield. He has an UPR-AR47 Assault Rifle that can be modified with either a red dot or scope, staples from other popular first-person shooters. This allows you to aim with accuracy when the situation calls for it, and as a result get superb headshots on bosses. What’s more, Oscar’s secondary abilities are wonderful, including a Frag Grenade that either explodes on impact or blows up after a three-second wait (ideal for trapping), as well as an Airstrike that can level a certain area with 20-plus missiles. Those of you seeking a general assault character, look no further than good old Oscar Mike!


Okay, so Montana isn’t quite the sharpest knife in the Battleborn drawer. (“Hey, is something on fire? Aw, crap, it’s me.”) However, when it comes to firepower, nothing beats this heavy assault character. He carries a large chaingun that has a lengthened firing rate, good for taking down multiple enemies in a single wave. For equal measure, you can also add in ice and fire effects, strengthening your shots against larger foes. Finally, his assault techniques are extremely powerful, including his Lumberjack Dash and Masformation, which has him stomping on the ground launching every nearby enemy into the air. He may not be smart, but Montana certainly is a powerhouse you don’t want to mess with!

Shayne & Aurox

This tag-team duo in Battleborn is a great option for those who prefer up-close melee combat. Shayne is the little girl that’s driving the larger Aurox armor surrounding her, capable of hitting enemies with a massive deal of force. Its melee attacks make short work of weaker foes, while at the same time doing sufficient damage to stronger ones. Shayne can also hurl a boomerang at her opponents, in case she needs to hit take someone out from a distance. Aurox also has the ability to pull in some foes and damage them. Then there’s the duo’s ultimate ability. This ability calls for Aurox being summoned to a location to deal damage, then Shayne swiftly moves in and delivers the finishing blow. These two mean serious business!


It’s not often that we can recommend playing as a homicidal penguin – but that’s exactly what we’re suggesting with this Battleborn favorite. Toby isn’t just an adorable little animal, he’s also an engineering genius that commandeers his beloved battle mech and unleashes hell on any opponent that gets near him. Along with a railgun that can delivers significant damage, Toby can also drop an energy shield for defensive purposes, along with an arc mine that blasts enemies. But perhaps it’s the Core Discharge that’s the defining moment for Toby, as his mech unleashes a devastating laser frying everything in its wake in a six-second burst. Let’s see regular penguins do that!


Lastly, there’s Thorn, a character armored with a Kreshek bow that packs nimbleness most other Battleborn warriors don’t possess. In addition to being able to fire charged shots from her longbow, she can use the Eldrid Vitality maneuver to restore health on the go, and fire a volley of shots capable of hitting enemies from a distance. She can also generate a field of Blight nailing anyone that comes within her range. Finally, she’s able to use the Wrath of the Wild, a special ability in which she throws a large energy bomb towards a group, dealing severe damage to any enemies it hits. She may look small, but Thorn is certainly not one to underestimate.


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