Forget being on a manhunt. If you're wanting to experience everything that Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's lore has to offer, then you're going to want to go hunting for Ghosts. Once you've picked up the Lost Ghost Trace (which happens randomly after you've gunned through the main story), Eris Morn will offer you a window into what happened on the Moon if you can find the Lost Ghosts. Here are some of our tips and tricks for finding the First Crota's Team Fallen Destiny 2 Ghost.

First Crota Team's Fallen Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Guide - Lost Ghosts

As mentioned, you're going to have first handed in the Lost Ghost Trace to Eris Morn. There's no guaranteed way to get this; it's a random drop that comes into play once you've finished the Shadowkeep story quests. 

If you're wanting to look out for the First Crota's Team Fallen Ghost, well, your work is gonna be cut out for you. Most of the time, finding the Lost Ghosts is a matter of triangulating their location from the information at hand. Here, you really only get the image of the Shard of the Traveller's room. Luckily enough, the answer to this particular lost riddle is actually staring you in the face. Once you're in that particular antechamber, you're going to want to pivot right through the open archways, and make a beeline for the far right side of the next location as well. Once you're in a room with a dead end, quickly turn to face the direction that you came in from and peer right: there's the First Crota Team's Fallen Ghost waiting for you in the corner.

Now that you've got the location of the First Crota Team's Fallen Destiny 2 Ghost all laid out for you, it should be a piece of cake to use the Lost Ghost Trace to find it and to uncover yet another tragic part of lore about the first lunar initiative against the hive. If you want a hand with anything else related to Destiny 2, then check out our cheeky list of the 5 creepiest guns from the game - we're in the mood for something spooky.