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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Thyrsus Guide — Unlocking the Hero Relic and More

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses for any length of time, then you’ll be familiar with the various Hero Relics in the game that are available to the main character and also to a number of powerful allies and foes. What you might now know, however, is that you have the opportunity to unlock a powerful Hero Relic of your own, and all it takes is completing the right paralogue quest. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Thyrsus guide to learn how to obtain that Relic and what its stats are. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Thyrsus Guide — Unlocking the Relic and More

What’s so good about Thyrsus? Well, the staff has an E rating, but don’t let that fool you. It’s actually got some pretty useful effects. Considering that the real power of your characters’ attacks comes from their spells, Thyrsus is a good supplement to any team with magical powerhouses. This particular Hero Relic increases your magic attack range by 2, and it also has a chance to halve incoming damage. There aren’t any set statistics on how often this can happen, but we would assume that there’s some element of Luck scaling here which is how chance works with a lot of other abilities and items. A chance to take vastly reduced damage is useful in almost any circumstance, so this staff seems well worth the trouble you might have to go to pick it up. 

Speaking of picking it up, Thyrsus is only available via one method. You have to complete the quest called Land of the Golden Deer, which is Lorenz’s paralogue. For those unfamiliar with the name, he’s one of the students in the (you guessed it) Golden Deer House. This means that unless you’ve picked that House or you’ve managed to recruit Lorenz over to your House, you’re not going to be able to get this particular weapon as you won’t be able to do his paralogue. The Land of the Golden Deer paralogue will also reward you with the ability to recruit a new Battalion: the Gloucester Knights Battalion. Sounds like killing two birds with one stone to us.

Considering the overall strength of the Hero Relics in this game and just how valuable they are, we would definitely recommend taking the time to knock this paralogue out so the legendary staff can be yours. We’ll be updating our Fire Emblem Three Houses guides hub with information about how to obtain the other Hero Relics over time so check back now and again to see what else we have in store. 

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