One particular resource that you earn in Fire Emblem: Three Houses which is separate from your Professor Level is Renown. Unfortunately, the game isn't very clear on what you actually have to do with your Renown. Sure, you acquire more from successfully kicking butt on the battlefield, turning in quests, and generally being as helpful as you can be as the chosen one. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Renown guide will tell you what to spend your Renown on and what it can do for you. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Renown Guide -- How to Restore Saint Statues

The primary use of your Renown in Fire Emblem Three Houses is going to be the restoration of statues of the various Saints of Seiros inside the cathedral. There are four Saint Statues in the monastery's cathedral, and restoring them will give you a plethora of various bonuses that stack and persist in-game. In order to have access to this restoration (which doesn't cost any Activity Points), you first have to complete the quest called Tending to the Saints -- Flayn will give you this. Completion of that quest will unlock the ability for you to interact productively with the Saint Statue Artisan. 

Chatting with the Saint Statue Artisan is good for one thing and one thing only. It'll allow you to undertake restoration works of the four different Saint Statues in the monastery -- Saint Cethleann, Saint Cichol, Saint Indech, and Saint Macuil. The only way to restore these statues is to spend your Renown points on them. You're going to need 10,000 Renown points to fully restore one Statue to its former glory. However, you're not locked into just fixing one up at a time; you can mix and match your approach to the Saint Statues to unlock perks that you think are the most suited for your current circumstances. Check out our list of each tier of restoration for each statue and what it'll be worth to you.

Saint Cethleann Statue

  • Lance Skills +1: 200 Renown 
  • Faith +1: 500 Renown
  • Experience +5: 1000 Renown
  • Class Experience +1: 2000 Renown
  • Lance Skills +2: 4000 Renown
  • Faith +2: 5000 Renown
  • Experience +10%: 7500 Renown
  • Luck and Charisma +5: 10000 Renown

Saint Indech Statue

  • Bow Skills +1: 200 Renown
  • Brawling +1: 500 Renown
  • Experience +5%: 1000 Renown
  • Heavy Armor +2: 2000 Renown
  • Divine Pulse +1: 3000 Renown
  • Bow Skills +2: 4000 Renown
  • Brawling +2: 5000 Renown
  • Experience +10%: 7500 Renown
  • Defense and Resistance +5: 10000 Renown

Saint Macuil Statue

  • Sword Skills +1: 200 Renown
  • Reason +1: 500 Renown
  • Experience +5%: 1000 Renown
  • Riding +2: 2000 Renown
  • Divine Pulse +1: 3000 Renown
  • Sword Skills +2: 4000 Renown
  • Reason +2: 5000 Renown
  • Experience +10%: 7500 Renown
  • Magic and Dexterity +5: 10000 Renown

Saint Cichol

  • Axe Skills +1: 200 Renown
  • Authority +2: 500 Renown
  • Experience +5%: 1000 Renown
  • Flying +2: 2000 Renown
  • Divine Pulse +1: 3000 Renown
  • Axe Skills +2: 4000 Renown
  • Authority +2: 5000 Renown
  • Experience +10%: 7500 Renown
  • Strength and Speed +5: 10000 Renown

As you can see, the different statues all offer different perks at different times. Depending on the composition of your party, you could easily swap between the various statues in order to get the most optimal bonuses at any given time. All of the Statutes offer an upgrade to your experience and to the uses of Divine Pulse fairly early on, so it really comes down to the skills that your students' various classes will benefit the most from. Hopefully, this Fire Emblem Three Houses renown guide helps you put your hard-earned resources to good use. Fancy something a little more light-hearted? Check out our guide on fishing for a wet and wild way to kill time.