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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Max Level – What is It?

by Nicholas Barth

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been available on the Nintendo Switch for a substantial amount of time. This means there are plenty of players who have been grinding away and have either reached or are close to reaching the max level in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. However, there are likely plenty of players who have not yet embarked on the adventures the popular title has available for them or are just beginning their experience in the fan-favorite game. If you are in interested in learning what the max level is in Fire Emblem: Three Houses before starting your adventure, be sure to check out the max level cap in the recently released game below. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Max Level

Players can raise their character level to 50 in the Nintendo Switch game. However, this number only regards the combat level of your character. Individuals can also increase the Professor Rank of their character to max rank of A. These two different caps mean players have two levels of progression they can climb throughout their playing of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses Max Level

Participating in battles is the best way for players to raise their Fire Emblem: Three Houses combat level to the max of 50. Fortunately, you will find no shortage of combat in your playing sessions, so raising this specific mark should not be too much of a hassle besides being a substantial time commitment. 

Your Professor Rank can be increased by teaching the students under your guidance various skills while also taking part in events like tea time. 

Knowing the max combat level and Professor rank in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will give players a clear picture of the two goals they will need to reach to have their character be as healthy as possible for all of their adventures in the popular Nintendo Switch title. 


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