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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Master Classes Requirements

by Nicholas Barth

There are many facets to Fire Emblem: Three Houses which come together to deliver a deep and exciting experience for its players. Master Classes are some of these facets and bestow a significant amount of power to players who can have their characters reach these class tiers. However, there are specific requirements players must meet to successfully achieve any of the Master Classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you are curious about what these requirements are, be sure to check them all out below. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Master Classes Requirements

There are a total of nine master classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the requirements for each deal with players having their characters reach a specific rank in various skill areas. There are also certain classes only available to either male or female characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Master Classes Requirements

You can find all of these requirements below:

  • Bow Knight – Lace C, Bow A, Riding A
  • Dark Knight – Lance C, Reason B+, Riding A
  • Holy Knight – Lance C, Faith B+, Riding A
  • War Master (Male Only) – Axe A, Brawl A
  • Gremory (Female Only) – Reason A, Faith A
  • Falcon Knight (Female Only) – Sword A, Lance A, Flying B+
  • Wyvern Lord – Lance C, Axe A, Flying A
  • Mortal Savant – Sword A, Reason B+
  • Great Knight – Axe B+, Heavy Armor A, Riding B+

Players will gain access to equip one of these Fire Emblem: Three Houses Master Classes when they reach level 30 and have met the requirements for the particular class mentioned above. 

With each of these groups providing their own unique gameplay experience, players will undoubtedly have a significant decision to make when they have the ability to choose one of these powerful groups following their completion of the requirements. 

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