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Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How Long is It?

by Nicholas Barth

Nintendo Switch players are currently rejoicing, as the highly anticipated game of Fire Emblem: Three Houses was finally released on Friday, July 26th. Offering plenty of choices with various consequences, groups to join, and battles to fight, Fire Emblem: Three Houses players will have to sink a good amount of time into the title to experience everything it has to offer. If you are curious about how long Fire Emblem: Three Houses is, be sure to check out the length of the Nintendo Switch game below. 

How Long is Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

According to a report by Shacknews, an interview by Jeuxvideo revealed exactly how long the new entry in the popular franchise is. The total amount of playtime a player will go through when completing the game fully with one of the main groups is 80 hours. This means to go through all of the content Fire Emblem: Three Houses have to offer with each of the main groups, players will have to sink a total of 240 hours in the title. 

How Long is Fire Emblem Three Houses?

240 hours may seem like a daunting amount of time to invest in the world of the newly released game.

However, there is no rush for players who want to enjoy the game at their own pace which means this large amount of hours needed to complete everything the new game has to offer could be a blessing in disguise. With this amount of playtime necessary to make your way through all three houses in this particular Fire Emblem game, you will have a game providing you a great deal of various content for a long time, if you do not go on an insane gaming marathon and take on everything the game has to offer in the next few weeks. 

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