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Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How to Fast Travel

by Nicholas Barth

Nintendo Switch players are anxiously awaiting Friday, July 26th, as this will be when the highly anticipated game of Fire Emblem: Three Houses officially releases across the world. With a vast world filled to the brim with interesting characters, Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers plenty for players to experience. To efficiently make their way around the world of the new game, players will be wise to learn how to make use of the fast travel mechanic. 

How to Fast Travel in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fast travel eligible locations will be unlocked whenever players discover new areas. 

To quickly make your way to these eligible areas you have discovered, you will need to press the “R” button your Joy-Con controller. This will open up the Fire Emblem: Three Houses map where you will be able to see all of the fast travel eligible locations you have discovered so far. You will then need to select a location and press the “A” button on your Joy-Con controller. Doing this will then fast travel your character to the location you chose. 

How to Fast Travel in Fire Emblem Three Houses

One helpful feature of the fast travel mechanic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the ability for players to use it to make their way around the important Monastery location. This means you can quickly transport yourself from the rooms of the Monastery you have discovered and do not have to worry about walking from room to room. 

Knowing how to fast travel in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will allow you to cut down on your traveling time when making your way across the world of the Nintendo Switch game in a very efficient manner. Looking for more help in navigating the world of the latest entry in the popular franchise? Check out our guides for how to save in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and all of the game’s voice actors

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