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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide – Fish of Mystery, Tips and More

by Prima Games Staff

Whether you’ve been spending your time wisely in Fire Emblem: Three Houses or gallivanting around the Garreg Mach grounds doing whatever you feel like, you’ve probably tried your hand at fishing.

Sure, some students might have wanted you to muck around with getting them certain types of fish (like Flayn), or there may have been fishing events that you were particularly into. But the cream of the crop when it comes to aquatic activities in this game is Glowing Pond season.

Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond guide to figure out how to net the Fish of Mystery, and to learn what it’s good for.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide – Fish of Mystery

That’s right, the Glowing Pond is a phenomenon that can occur in Fire Emblem Three Houses. As the name suggests, you’ll know by the fact that it’ll look like a pillar of light is emanating from the fishing spot.

When this happens, it means one thing: that you’re going to be able to catch a super rare type of fish from the Fishing Pond. If you’re unsure about fishing in general, then give our Fire Emblem Three Houses Fishing guide a read before you crack on. 

Essentially, the point of the Glowing Pond is to give you rare fish spawns. While you’ll ordinarily want to be looking out for shiny fish anyway to make the most of your bait, the pond being in this special state means that you’ll actually be able to find a new type of fish — the Fish of Mystery.

Not sure how you’re going to differentiate it from the pond scum? The easy tell is the fact that the fish is going to have a rainbow shadow, and the most efficient way to get this colorful critter is to shell out for 5 star bait. 

Fish with a rainbow shadow are tough to catch. They’re much more slippery, and unlike the steady rhythm that you engage in when catching more common fish. However, netting one of these bad boys will mean that you end up with something called a Goddess Messenger. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide – Tips and More

The elusive Goddess Messenger is a pretty impressive catch, but it’s not all just for show. If you’re particularly smart about it, you can this fish into a pretty swell dish. Cooking Together is one of the activities that can raise your Professor Level, and it also improves your unit’s stats.

The Goddess Messenger fish can be used to make a Deified Fish dish when you combine it with a Magdred Kirsch. This will boost your unit’s stats in DEX, SPD, and DEF for the rest of the month, so it’s a good recipe to add to your repertoire. 

After reading our Fire Emblem Three Houses glowing pond guide, the wonders of the Goddess Messenger should no longer be a mystery to all you amateur fishermen out there. If the idea of hunting and cooking in the monastery intrigues you, check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Cooking Together guide for a list of what you can make and what the activity gives you. Be sure to make the most of your Explore time!