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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Enlightened One Guide – Class Unlock & More

by Ginny Woo

There’s a whole myriad of classes available to Byleth and their students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While some have special requirements that have to be met in terms of skill when it comes to unlocking them, others occur with specific characters because of their background or origins. We give you the rundown of one of the rarer classes in our Fire Emblem Three Houses Enlightened One guide and also tell you what the perks are of accessing it. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Enlightened One Guide – Class Unlock & More

Before you get too excited checking up on our Fire Emblem Three Houses Classes guide for a list of all the classes and what their requirements are, let’s nip any misunderstandings in the bud. The only character who can take advantage of the Fire Emblem Three Houses Enlightened One class is Byleth. No other character can benefit. 

You unlock the Enlightened One class in Chapter 11 of the game overall during the White Clouds section. Essentially, this happens before any ridiculous revelations about the motivations of various House leaders, and is before the time-skip that everyone knows takes place during the course of the game. It’s a good class to have in your arsenal for Byleth, even though you essentially don’t really have a say in whether or not you pick it up: you’re auto-balanced into it. While you have the option to turn Byleth into anything else, it’s unlikely that you’re running any classes stronger than the Intermediate classes at that stage in the game, so it’s probably an upgrade.

Some perks of the Enlightened One class include:

  • Terrain Resistance — ignores terrain damage
  • Swordfaire — +5 ATK when you’re using a Sword
  • Sword +3
  • Faith +3
  • Authority +3
  • Brawl +2

While this class generally serves as a good stop-gap measure while you’re worrying about training up your students in Fire Emblem Three Houses, it doesn’t essentially have a Master equivalent that will really kick butt in end-game. Unless you’re happy to keep Byleth in this class designation, you might find that the short-term benefits are where being an Enlightened One ends, especially if you have your eyes set on a particular Master class that you’ll require different skills for. Regardless, we found the Enlightened One helpful to class Byleth into for quite some time, so your mileage will definitely vary depending on how you’ve specialized the rest of your squad.


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