There are currently a large number of Nintendo Switch players from across the world who are likely jumping into the exciting world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As with previous entries in the popular franchise, there are plenty of choices players will have to make in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. One of these choices is presented to you right at the start of your adventure, and it asks you whether or not you are a Demon, Ghost, or a Mortal. If you are curious about what affects choosing Demon, Ghost, or Mortal will have on your experience, be sure to check out what happens when you choose Ghost, Demon, or Mortal in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Demon, Ghost, or Mortal

Fortunately for players who are not looking forward to making a major decision right when they begin their adventure, the choice of Demon, Ghost, or Mortal does not matter at all. If you pick Ghost or Demon, the character of Sothis who posed this particular question to you will just ask you to stop messing around. The only option which will allow you to progress into the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is Mortal. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Demon Ghost Mortal

While many players have likely been wondering if their choice for this question caused any major effects to how their story will play out, you can rest assured the choice of Demon, Ghost, or Mortal in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will not make any significant changes to your experience. 

With the knowledge of the Demon, Ghost, or Mortal choices in Fire Emblem: Three Houses now in your mind, you will be able to breeze through this opening choice without worrying about how it will ultimately affect your game. For more help in navigating the world of the newly released Nintendo Switch title, be sure to check out our guides for all of the romance choices in the game and all of the voice actors who lent their talents to bringing all of the characters to life.