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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dancer Guide — How to Unlock and Abilities

by Ginny Woo

Want to be beauty, grace, and Miss United Fodlan? The Dancer is a special class that you can unlock in Fire Emblem: Three Houses to help you achieve that dream. Actually being able to access this particular class is a matter of doing well at a particular in-game event, so if you’re wanting to go into this game totally blind then you might want to look away now. For everyone else, read on in our Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer guide to learn how to get the class, and what it can do for you on the battlefield.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer Guide — How to Unlock

As mentioned, the Dancer isn’t just one of the many default classes that Fire Emblem Three Houses gives you: you have to earn it. It’s pretty simple if you know what the right in-game event is to trigger this special unlock: the White Heron Cup. Now, this is essentially a dance contest between the three different Houses. Some of the students in your House might have two left feet, but the good news is that it’s quite obvious what you need to do in order to win. If you want to Bring It On, you have to pick up the quest from Rhea in Month 12, on either Day 7 or Day 14 so set those days aside for Exploration. 

So You Think You Can Dance? You’ll need a student with above 13 CHA in order to sweep the White Heron cup. This is easier than it sounds, since, by the time you hit the in-game time period of 12/16 that sparks it, most characters should have sufficient stats. While you can go round canvassing your students to see who would be the best suited to a Friday Night boogie, but we have two recommendations: Flayn for those playing Blue Lions and Golden Deer, and Dorothea for those playing Black Eagles. Whoever you pick will end up being your party’s Dancer, 

Once you pick your chosen student, they’re gonna be the ones with the dancing shoes for the rest of the game, so pick wisely! You can also engage them in Dance Practice training once before the White Heron Cup, and this will give your chosen character +5 CHA so it’s best to make the most of it. As long as you rock up with 13 CHA, you’ll easily Stomp the Yard.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer Guide — Abilities and Reclassing

Once you get a case of the Happy Feet, you’re going to have special abilities. Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer guide will lay all of those out and more, and also show you how to reclass. Now, what perks do you get if one of your squad goes the Dirty Dancing route?

  • Class Type: Unique
  • Description: The Dancer energizes allies with inspiring movement, allowing them to act more than once. This class also wields magic. 
  • Bonus Skills: Sword +2, Authority +2
  • Stat Bonuses: +2 MOV, +1 STR, +2 DEF, +3 DEX, +1 RES, +3 SPD, +2 CHA
  • Class Abilities: Dance — allows an ally to move again, and Sword Avo +20 — grants extra avoidance when using a sword. 
  • Combat Arts: Sword Dance — this makes dodging counterattacks easier, and your MT will increase based on your CHA. 

If you want to reclass into Dancer, it’s not quite done the same way as the other Certifications that you need to unlock classes. If you need to brush up on how that works, you can check out our Fire Emblem Three Heroes Certification guide. Otherwise, being Footloose and fancy-free as Dancer is as easy as going into your Inventory and selecting the character that you want to Reclass to it. It’s listed as a Unique Class. Ensure that they swap over, and voila! It’s magic.

Our Fire Emblem Three Houses should have answered any burning questions for all the aspiring Magic Mikes and Mariannes out there. The toughest part of unlocking Dancer is probably picking which student you want to access it. While we have our recommended choices, the sky’s really the limit so long as you can cap their Charisma. Dimitri might actually look pretty cute in a costume. Got other class-related questions? Check out our guides hub.

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