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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Carried Away Guide: Finish the Side Quest

by Ginny Woo

There’s plenty of side quests available to the enthusiastic player in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you haven’t gotten your fill of handing in lost items, ferrying gifts around, or just enjoying everything that the Fishing Pond has to offer, then your free days Exploring the Garreg Mach monastery are a veritable buffet of fun activities. However, helping out the people at the academy isn’t always cut and dry; sometimes their demands can be a bit esoteric. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Carried Away guide to find out how to complete the Carried Away side quest. 


Fire Emblem Three Houses Carried Away Guide: Finish the Side Quest

To our knowledge, the Carried Away side quest is only available in Chapter 7 of the main game. This is when you’re still in the White Clouds phase of the story; you wouldn’t have made any game-altering decisions quite yet, and you’ll still be enjoying the honeymoon period of getting to know the students in your House. As such, a lot of the quests you get will involve bringing stuff to people around the monastery. 

In the case of Carried Away, it’s about bringing a love letter from an admirer who’s stationed outside the Cathedral on the ramparts. She gives you a description of the person that she wants this love letter delivered to: “he’s gallant, he has a charming smile, and he always puts his family first.” As a reward from this quest, we found that this quest-giver was willing to part with:

  • Western Fodlan Seeds x 5
  • Earthworm x 5
  • Floral Adornment
  • Renown 300 points

If you’re not sure who matches that description, well, we’ll do the legwork for you. It’s Alois. In case your few conversations with the well-meaning knight didn’t tip you off, he’s always going on and on about his family. And it’s easy to see how a knight could be described as gallant. None of your students are really the type to be said to put their family first; we fancy the quest-giver’s description particularly paternal. 

Now that you know that the love letter in the Fire Emblem Three Houses Carried Away quest is for Alois, you should make your way over to him to hand him the good news. We found him at the Fishing Pond, and he’s often lurking around the stairs there or in the area just to the east of the passage going up to the Dining Hall. Always ready to surprise with an anecdote or two! Once you find Alois, talk with him to give him the admirer’s love letter before heading back to the admirer, who will then reward you with the items that the quest description promised when you picked it up. Easy as pie! 

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