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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Budding Talent Guide — What Are They, What Do They Do

by Ginny Woo

Every student has particular strengths and weaknesses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but making the most of them on the battlefield isn’t just about honing the skills that they’re already practiced in. While instructing the kids of your chosen House, focusing on their areas of expertise is a smart call. However, you may have noticed some skills have three stars next to them, even if they appear to be ones ill-suited to the student, or previously neglected. Want to know what these are and what they can do for you? Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent guide has got you covered. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent Guide

In order to access Budding Talents and to demystify them for yourself, you’ll have to ensure that you’re manually instructing your students. This is the easy bit — when you get to set the lesson plan for the week, make sure that you’re picking what skills and goals you want your kids to work towards instead of leaving it up to AI. When you’re scrolling through the list of skills that you can enhance as you teach your kids, you’ll notice that some of them have a three-star icon by them. These are the Budding Talents. 

Another thing you’re probably going to notice about these Budding Talents is that they’re almost always skills that said student isn’t already proficient in. However, if you help your students nurture this Budding Talent, then eventually they will get a special bonus related to that skill. Essentially, these are a bit like hidden proficiencies, and unlocking them is akin to unlocking your students’ full potential.

Unlocking and levelling a student’s Budding Talent can result in particularly nifty battlefield benefits, whether it’s debuffs to enemies or special combat skills that can’t be unlocked in any other way. Students will often range from either having a neutral aptitude for their Budding Talents or straight up be Bad at them, so you’re to need to make sure that you have some patience when you’re wanting to embark on the task of tapping into these. 

Even Byleth has hidden talents, believe it or not. While you obviously can’t level yourself up the same way that you might want to for the students in your House, faculty training is always an option for you if you’re wanting to unlock a Budding Talent. If you have any questions about how to do that, we have a Fire Emblem Three Houses faculty training guide to help you out. Essentially, training up your kids’ Budding Talents and your own is a huge time investment but ultimately worth it if you decide that the bonuses they unlock are in line with the various specializations that you had in mind for your squad. We’d recommend tapping into these Talents for at least one student if you’re on the fence just to see how it all goes — what’s Fire Emblem without a bit of min-maxing?


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