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Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Blue Lions Guide – Likes, Dislikes, and Interests

by Ginny Woo


Fire Emblem: Three Houses has made a big splash recently with its launch, with plenty impressed by the game’s tight narrative and the plethora of available NPCs for you to work alongside (and to fall in love) with. If you’re not sure who’s in which House, feel free to get caught up with our Three Houses characters list. Once you’re up to date, it’s time to start thinking about what your dream team of student warriors is going to look like. While each House has specific recruits, you can happily recruit kids from other Houses so long as you’re aware of their likes, dislikes and interests. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions guide will give you the lowdown on what Dmitri’s compatriots love and hate so you’ll know exactly how to tempt them over to your side. 


Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions Guide – Student Likes

Figuring out the various Blue Lion students like is going to be key to recruiting them. If you want to be able to use particular students after the time-skip, then you’re going to need to shore up your forces with them before that fateful day. This can be done in a number of ways, but the quickest is probably plying them with gifts related to things that they enjoy. Check out our list of what the Blue Lions students like:

Annette: Cleaning, doing the laundry, morning walks, dressing up

Ashe: Sweets, tales of chivalry, travel journals, violets, looking after children

Dedue: Gardening, arts and crafts, needlework, flowers

Dmitri: Strength training, long rides, physical labor, combat, high-quality weapons

Felix: Fighting, spicy food, meat, hunting, high-quality weapons

Ingrid: Meat, caring for horses, tales of chivalry, virtuous knights, food samples

Mercedes: Sweets, ghost stories, cute things, painting, flowers that smell good, reading, needlework

Sylvain: Board games, lively places, women


Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions Guide – Student Dislikes

Every student has dislikes that correspond with their likes, so if you’re wanting to make a good impression then you’ll want to avoid handing over any gifts that fall under the “do not want” box. A lot of these dislikes are diametrically opposite to their likes, so a lot of this is really common sense once you’ve gotten a handle on what each student responds positively to.

Annette: Laziness, dark places, coffee, places that are hard to reach that need a good dusting

Ashe: Violence, deception, enclosed spaces, ghosts

Dedue: People who try to hurt Dmitri

Dmitri: Fragile objects, scorching heat, people who are selfish, delicate work

Felix: Sweets, his own father, levity, chivalry

Ingrid: Hunger, the people of Duscur, extravagance

Mercedes: Exercise, spicy foods

Sylvain: Jealousy, hot days, unclean spaces


Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions Guide – Student Interests

Another quick way to gain a positive reputation with the students of Houses other than your own is to make sure that you’re returning all the Lost Items from the monastery to their rightful owners. Often, these Lost Items will come with a bit of explanatory text that describes how each item belongs to a student with a particular interest. Check our list below to figure out who to return what to. 

Annette: Studying, singing, dancing

Ashe: Reading, cooking

Dedue: Housekeeping, cooking

Dmitri: Weapon maintenance, training for battle

Felix: Weapon maintenance, sword practice

Ingrid: Eating, reading

Mercedes: Baking, praying

Sylvain: Flirting, fine art, theater

Now that you’ve checked out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions guide, it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use by recruiting a couple of standout students to your roster! It’s always smart to try and fill any skill gaps in the House that you do choose, so pick wisely and get to currying favor. 

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