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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Anna’s Secret Shop Guide — How to Unlock, What Anna Sells

by Ginny Woo

Fire Emblem series veterans will be familiar with Anna, the plucky shopkeep who has shown up in pretty much every game in the franchise. From tutorials to being a vendor, to being an NPC and even a recruitable unit as a Trickster, Anna has been a mainstay of the Fire Emblem brand for a long time so it was only a matter of time before we found her in Garreg Mach, too. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Anna’s Secret Shop guide will show you how to make her acquaintance in this latest game and what you can gain from it. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Anna’s Secret Shop Guide: How to Unlock

Actually, finding Anna in Fire Emblem Three Houses is actually pretty simple. There’s no need to fight of throngs of foes or to ensure that you catch her before she disappears for good a la Fire Emblem Warriors. It’s actually pretty simple to meet Anna — you just have to make sure that you’re past the timeskip. Certain portions of the Garreg Mach monastery open up for access after the timeskip, and one such area is the Marketplace. Not only might you run into merchants from further afield, you’ll see that there’s two new vendors — the Eastern and Southern merchants. Ignore the corny accents that they’ve got in the Japanese VO; you’re much more interested in the red-headed lass who hangs out near them. That’s Anna.

When she meets you, she’ll give you a sidequest to pick up something for her that she’s lost at the monastery. This lost item will be marked on the map by a small glowing circle (like every other item that’s required to be found as part of any quest on the grounds), so once you nab that and return to her she’ll give you some Renown and some items. Voila! You’ve got access to her store now. You can spend the Renown on restoring the Saint statues for party-wide buffs at the Cathedral — check out our Renown guide for information on just how to do that. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Anna’s Secret Shop Guide: What Anna Sells

Anna is no ordinary vendor. As mentioned, being a bit of a legend in the merchant scene has gotta come with some perks, and luckily enough for Byleth, those perks are some pretty cool items. One of Anna’s standout qualities is the fact that she provides unlimited Master Seals, which you’re going to need to get your characters beefed up for taking down the big evil. 

You can also get other useful items from Anna which will permanently boost your characters’ stats when you use them. Sure, you can find these out and about, or get them from other merchants, but they often have a smaller selection. Make the most of Anna’s specialty items and you’ll be blitzing through enemies in no time flat. If you found our Fire Emblem Three Houses Anna’s Secret Shop Guide useful, check out our guide to defeating Cornelia in the Azure Moon route for a chance to test your mettle. 

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