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Fire Emblem Heroes – How to Summon Heroes

by Josh Hawkins

Fire Emblem Heroes is all about summoning new heroes to help you in your battle against Princess Veronica her army who seek to enslave all of the different Fire Emblem worlds. To be able to stand up to the heroes that Veronica summons, players will need to learn how the summoning system in Fire Emblem Heroes works. This article will detail the summoning system of Fire Emblem Heroes, how players can interact with it, as well as showcase what it is capable of.

How to Summon Heroes

Summoning heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes is a very straightforward process. Players pay Orbs to get the summoning started and then must choose from five different colored stones to summon from. Where things get a little more confusing is the cost of each summon and what each stone means. To fully understand the summoning system we are going to have to break it down piece by piece.

What do the colors mean?

Like the elemental triangle in Fire Emblem, the colored stones in the summoning circle detail which type of character you might receive from that stone. We’ve broken down each color a bit more below, so you can see what hero types you’ll get out of each one.

Blue Stones – Players will receive heroes that wield items like Lances or Thunder Magic. This includes characters like Abel, Azura, Catria, and Corrin(F).

Red Stones – Red stones will summon heroes that focus on Swords and Fire Magic. Characters seen here will include Chrom, Marth, Alfonse, Lucina and more.

Green Stones – This stone color will bring heroes that wield Wind Magic and Axes to life. Fire Emblem heroes like Beruka, Barst, Batre, and Arthur will be found here.

No Color Stones – Stones without color (which appear gray in the summoning circle) will yield heroes who make use of items like Bows, Staffs, or that are Ninjas. This lineup includes heroes like Felicia, Elise, Matthew, and Saizo.

How do I maximize my summons?

Now that you know what each color means, let’s take a moment and go over how to maximize your summoning sessions to preserve those precious Orbs.

Starting a summoning session will cost you 5 Orbs. If you only purchase one of the heroes included there, you’ll have to pay that 5 Orbs again when you re-initialize the summoning session again. However, if you wish to maximize the amount of heroes you get for your Orbs, purchase all of the heroes included in a single summoning session.

Doing this allows you to take advantage of a special decrease between each summon. Summoning just one hero will cost 5 Orbs. But, continuing the summons in that session will decrease the cost by 1. The overall outcome is this

  • First summon – 5 Orbs
  • Second summon – 4 Orbs
  • Third summon – 4 Orbs
  • Fourth summon – 4 Orbs
  • Fifth summon – 3 Orbs

This saves you a total of 5 Orbs per summoning session if you summon all the heroes in a session.

How Summoning Odds Affect Your Heroes

Another thing to keep in mind is that the summoning rates of heroes can go up. By default the summoning chances are as follows.

  • 5 Star – 3% chance
  • 4 Star – 36% chance
  • 3 Star – 61% chance

Depending on how often you receive 5 Star characters, the percentages can chance. For example, the odds of summoning a 5 Star hero go up the longer the amount of time that passes between each 5 Star summon.

5 summons without a 5 Star will result in an additional .5% increase.

Likewise, 10 times with a 5 Star will result in a 1.0% increase.

This continues onward so long as you do not receive a 5 Star hero within a summoning session.

That’s pretty much everything that there is to know about summoning heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes. Will be diving more in-depth into this game in the coming day. So, be sure to check out our Fire Emblem Heroes guide to learn more about the different mechanics that make up this new mobile hit. We also have a guide that will help you understand how to use Hero Feathers, which are extremely vital to long-term play in Fire Emblem Heroes.