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Fire Emblem Heroes – How to Level Up Heroes Quickly, Earn Experience

by Josh Hawkins

Fire Emblem Heroes is all about making a good team and leveling up your units so you can take on stronger enemies. In this article we’ll go over the best ways to earn experience in Fire Emblem Heroes, as well as show you some additional tips to help you make sure your units are getting the most experience out of ever map that you play so you can level up heroes quickly.

How to Level Units Quickly

Leveling units in Fire Emblem Heroes works just like it does in every other Fire Emblem game out there. Players complete maps, taking down enemies and earning experience for the units that they use. Though your team is much smaller this time around, you can still use these easy tips to help your units level up much more quickly.

Pick and Choose Your Battles

In each map that you play in Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ll be able to take 4 heroes into the map to command. When choosing these heroes, be mindful of the colors and weapons that they use, and always remember the weapon triangle that dictates how successful your units will be in battle. Red units beat Green units, Green units beat Blue units and Blue units beat Red units. This triangle is extremely important, as not paying attention to it can lead to your defeat.

To level up your characters effectively, you’ll want to try to break down the enemy forces and pick and choose the battles that each character takes part in. The easiest way to do this is to try to take down an enemy with each of your heroes. This will help you stagger out the experience earned, allowing you to keep your heroes all around the same level. Using one hero more often than others will cause your leveling to be out of balance and could cause issues later in the game.

Complete Training Tower Stratums

The easiest way to level up new heroes is to head into the Training Tower. As you complete more chapters, additional Stratums—or floors—of the Training Tower will unlock, allowing you to take on more powerful enemies. You can also earn items like Shards and Badges here, which you’ll need if you ever want to use Hero Feathers to advance your hero’s growth. Simply find a Training Tower Stratum that works with your team and then head inside and complete the map to earn your heroes some experience.

Upgrade Your Castle

Though this last option takes Orbs to complete, it is one of the simplest ways to make sure your characters are earning the most experience possible with each fight that they partake in. By upgrading your castle, you upgrade a bonus percentage for experience that is earned in each fight. This can be done quite a few times, making it an important part of leveling up your teams and preparing them for battle. You should also discover how to get more Orbs to purchase additional summons.

If you want to level up your party quickly, these tips are your best bet. Follow the information we’ve provided above and you shouldn’t have too much trouble making all of those level 1 heroes strong enough to take on the toughest enemies. You can also use the Arena to earn experience, though that isn’t highly recommended since you will be playing against enemy teams that are made up of some of the greatest heroes available in the game. If you find yourself struggling to complete a chapter of the game, don’t be afraid to back out and return to the Training Tower. You may need to change up your team’s roster, or just simply level them up a bit more before continuing through the main story.

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