Fire Emblem Engage: Which Characters Return As Emblem Rings? – Answered

Blast to the past

As you would figure, Fire Emblem Engage has developed its own narrative niche in its release, bringing back the faces of older franchises and allowing you to Digi-evolve your unit. And the plan to release more in the future. But for now, let’s go over the existing characters you can look forward to meeting as Emblem Rings in your first play-through of the game.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Which Characters Return As Emblem Rings?

Equipping these rings to your heroes allows you to use abilities and weapons that your unit normally wouldn’t wield or hold. For example, you can place a stave on a character that has no healing capabilities but with Micaiah, you can enable that unit to not only Illuminate dark areas but use Mend of nearby allies.

Marth, Ring of the Hero-King

Equipping Marth allows your unit to gain access to the Rapier. The Rapier is effective against Armored units and, as a sword, will give your unit the specialized ability to temporarily use that sword even if their main weapon is a Polearm or Axe. Along with that, Marth brings Lodestar Rush to the user so that they can perform multiple attacks against an enemy once fully charged and able.

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Celica, Ring of the Caring Princess

Equipping Celica gives you access to Tomes. Not only with the princess help her unit in battle, but it’ll allow that unit to use magic even if they do not originally wield magic. Her special ability allows her to Warp around various places on the map, putting her in a prime location to help her allies or whisking her away from a precarious situation.

Micaiah, Ring of the Dawn Maiden

Micaiah allows you to use Healing, which is always valuable on a character, especially since healers at the beginning of Fire Emblem are always a bit harder to come by. Her Skill in battle is Great Sacrifice which will deplete the health of the unit she’s equipped to to heal the rest of the party.

Sigurd, Ring of the Holy Knight

Sigurd gives the ability to use Lances/Polearms to the user. His Gallop ability will allow your unit to move rapidly around the map. His Override move can cut through a few enemies in a line, dealing damage to all of them and taking a position on the opposite side.

Leif, Ring of the Sage Lord

Leif is perhaps one of the most fun of all the bursts thus far because he will attack with all of the weapons in sequential order: sword, spear, axe, and bow. A master of arms for all types of weapons except for the healer’s Special Arts, he makes for a fun unit to have out on the field that is versatile and powerful for dealing with your standard weapon rotations.

Roy, Ring of the Young Lion

Roy gives the peculiar weapon Lancereaver, which is effective against Lances and weak against Axes. This allows for a peculiar unit that can defend against most types of weapons as long as you have the correct one equipped in time to encounter them. His special Move allows him to attack an area in front of him with fire befitting the name Blazing Lion and will leave the field scalding with residual flames that can damage enemies.

Lyn, Ring of the Lady of the Plains

Lyn comes with a Killer Bow, which in previous franchises, including this one, helps the user to land more critical shots. Her Burst is impressive as she will summon copies of herself to rain arrows on her enemies. A very difficult ring to face, but a very valuable one to have in your party.

Eirika and Ephraim, Ring of the Azure Twins

A peculiar ring that is said to be a two-for-one, Eirika brings a Rapier with which she’ll allow her unit to use. And although it is said to be a Twins Ring, there isn’t much you see of Ephraim except for occasionally on the field where he assists you. Their Engage Attack is a Twin Strike where the unit attacks with a sword, and Ephraim assists with an attack from his lance.

Ike, Ring of the Radiant Hero

In the game, Ike is said to be the strongest of the Emblem Rings, and if you didn’t get that by the massive size of that jewelry, then the game will remind you plenty. His ability allows you to destroy just about any structure in your path in one go, whether it’s debris or a door. Great Aether is a good attack to use when enemies surround you; the unit will harden its defense for a single turn, then attack in the surrounding area, regaining HP once the move is complete.

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Lucina, Ring of the Exalt Princess

Like Marth, Lucina wields a Rapier to deal greater damage to her armored and mounted foes. Best used when surrounded by her allies, she will trigger more Chain Reactions of characters assisting in attacks, and her Engage Skill is All for One, triggering the neighboring units to attack with her against a single enemy.

Corrin, Ring of the Crux of Fate

Bringing one of the weapons from her game, Corrin gives her unit a Dual Katana. Although a bladed weapon, it is a reverse sword with an advantage against Lances but a disadvantage versus Axes. With an ability to alter the terrain, Corrin’s Engage Attack is Torrential Roar that will attack three spaces in front of them in a line and change the terrain to water to slow down enemies.

Byleth, Ring of the Instructor

Originally from Three Houses, Byleth brings a curious selection of weapons to his particular unit. Depending on the type, he will change which Hero’s Relic they wield. More of a support-type when it comes to his Engage Skill, he’ll use Instruct to grant his adjacent allies a Stat boost, so they are prepared or ready to attack your oncoming enemies.

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