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Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quest Rewards Master Guide, Part 1

by Thomas Wilde

During Chapters 3, 8, 9, and 14 of the Final Fantasy VII remake, when you’re given a bit of a free hand to explore Midgar, you can pick up a few extra freelance jobs. There are a total of 26 side quests in FF7R, many of which are worth valuable upgrades, including Manuscripts when you play on Hard Mode.

While not all side quests are created equal, the following is a list of each one by chapter, including how to unlock them if necessary, who to talk to to start them, and what you get for your trouble.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quest Rewards Master Guide, Part 1

When you complete all 26 side quests in FF7, you receive the Best in the Business Trophy. This cannot be completed on an initial run through the game, owing to a certain story branch in Chapter 9. You’ll have to wait until after the story campaign when you’ve unlocked the Chapter Select feature.

All side quests are also exclusive to the chapter in which they’re found. If you miss one, the only way back is to start the game over or hit the quest up later via, again, Chapter Select.

Please note that when rewards are listed in the following table, it also includes items that you happen to receive from mandatory fights over the course of the quest. There are a lot of side quests on Hard Mode that offer new rewards, typically Manuscripts, that drop from monsters that you can only find via those quests.

Many side quests also reward you with a free one-time restoration of all your HP and MP. This isn’t a big deal on your first run through the game, but on Hard Mode, these are actually a big deal. It’s worth not turning in a side quest with a restoration reward until you could actually use the boost.

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum

After your adventures with Tifa, she’ll eventually send you over to Wymer to get more work from him. This serves as your introduction to side quests, and is the first of four chapters in which you can roam around and pursue them. There are also a lot of random treasure chests and hidden items lying around the area, if you feel like taking the time to explore.

At this point, you can pursue all of the side quests that are available in Chapter 3, but you only need to complete one to continue the main story.


Starting Point


Chadley’s Report

Chadley, Sector 7

  • Auto-Cure Materia

  • 500 gil

  • Assess Materia

Rat Problem

Item Shop Owner, Sector 7

  • Hi-Potion x5

  • access to Cleansing Materia and Hi-Potions at the shop

  • Hard Mode: Art of Swordplay Vol. V

Nuisance in the Factory

Junk Dealer, Slums

  • 500 gil

  • HP/MP restored

Lost Friends

Betty, Slums

  • Maiden’s Kiss

  • HP/MP restored

On the Prowl

Complete “Rat Problem”

  • Elixir

  • HP/MP restored

  • Hard Mode: Way of the Fist Vol. IV

Just Flew in from the Graveyard

Complete “Nuisance in the Factory,” then talk to Gwen outside the Abandoned Factory

  • Star Bracelet

  • HP/MP restored

When you complete all six side quests in Chapter 3, you also unlock the “Alone at Last” Discovery, which is worth a Crescent Moon Charm.

Your conversation with Tifa at the end of this Chapter also determines what she’ll be wearing later at the end of Chapter 9. If you only did one side quest in Chapter 3, she defaults to her Mature outfit; if you do all six, she’ll let you pick between Mature, Sporty, and Exotic looks.

To get the Dressed to the Nines Trophy, you have to replay Chapter 3 at least three times, taking different options for Tifa each time, before skipping ahead with the Chapter Select to play through Chapter 9.

You can find information on many other challenges in FF7 at our game hub, which also contains guides on how to:

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