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Final Fantasy: All Trophies Listed

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster trophies listed

by Grant Testa

After initially being released on mobile and PC, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have arrived for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 19, 2023. The bundle comprises remasters of the first six games in the legendary series of JRPGs and for PlayStation gamers features six separate trophy lists for each title in the Final Fantasy compilation. Let’s take a look at the trophy list for the game that started it all, Final Fantasy, which initially launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System all the way back in 1987.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Trophies

Master of I (Platinum Trophy)

Earned all trophies.

A Hero’s Journey (Bronze Trophy)

Saved Princess Sarah by defeating Garland.

Earth’s Blessing (Bronze Trophy)

Restored the Earth Crystal’s light.

Rekindled Flame (Bronze Trophy)

Restored the Fire Crystal’s light.

Revitalizing Waters (Bronze Trophy)

Restored the Water Crystal’s light.

Wind’s Caress (Bronze Trophy)

Restored the Wind Crystal’s light.

Token of Courage (Bronze Trophy)

Gained titles of courage from Bahamut. 

Prophecy Foretold (Silver Trophy)

Defeated Chaos and restored peace to the world.

Sword of Myth (Gold Trophy)

Obtained Excalibur.

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Hidden Game (Silver Trophy)

Played the 15 Puzzle game.

Seasoned Hero (Gold Trophy)

Reached level 50 for all party members. 

Apprentice Warrior (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated 100 monsters.

Experienced Warrior (Silver Trophy)

Defeated 300 monsters.

Legendary Warrior (Gold Trophy)

Defeated 500 monsters.

Field Research – Basic (Bronze Trophy)

Completed 10% of the Bestiary entries.

Field Research – Advanced (Silver Trophy)

Completed 50% of the Bestiary entries. 

Field Research – Professional (Gold Trophy)

Completed 100% of the Bestiary entries.

Thrifty Spender (Bronze Trophy)

Obtained 10,000 gil.

Smart Saver (Silver Trophy)

Obtained 50,000 gil.

Moneybags (Gold Trophy)

Obtained 100,000 gil.

Rookie Treasure Hunter (Bronze Trophy)

Collected treasure from 10% of the chests.

Veteran Treasure Hunter (Silver Trophy)

Collected treasure from 50% of the chests.

Legendary Treasure Hunter (Gold Trophy)

Collected treasure from 100% of the chests.

Adventurous Wayfarer (Gold Trophy)

Traveled to all the map locations.

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