Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Carving Out a Niche (FFXVI)

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Once you’ve arrived in the Dhalmekian Republic, you’ll encounter Sava, the apprentice Smith who’s been tasked with crafting a knife that “captures the spirit of Dalimil”. No easy task! Fortunately, Clive is here to tackle every menial task on the continent. Here’s how to complete Carving Out a Niche in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Carving Out a Niche (FFXVI)

Carving Out a Niche is a side quest that will have you running all over town. The summarized steps for how to complete Carving Out a Niche are:

  • Speak to Sava at the blacksmith to start the quest.
  • Speak to the Flesher in The Markets.
  • Speak to the Hunter near The South Gate.
  • Return to Sava and report what you’ve learned.
  • Go to The Watcher and speak to the metal trader.
  • Return to town and leave through the South Gate.
  • Pick up three pieces of Limestone.
  • Return to Sava.

Speak to Sava

Once you’ve gained L’ubor’s approval, you’ll have access to a few side quests in Dalimil. That includes Carving Out a Niche. Speak to Sava in the blacksmith to learn that L’ubor has tasked him with creating a knife that captures the spirit of Dalimil.

To learn what that could mean, he tasks Clive with speaking to people in town who use knives in their profession.

Speak to the Flesher

The first person to speak to is The Flesher, who is in a stall on the left in the Markets. Speak to her, and she’ll tell you that she’s looking for a lightweight knife.

Screenshots by Prima Games | Green star is the Flesher, red star is the Hunter

Speak to the Hunter

Continue down the hall and you’ll enter The Lock of Toil. Keep going and you’ll see the South Gate. The Hunter will be here. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you he prefers a strong knife.

Return to Sava

After speaking to these two, return to Sava either by walking or using the Obelisk. Sava will conclude that this isn’t enough information, but the metal trader might know more.

The metal trader is located outside of town, to the north in the Fallen structure that’s been dubbed The Watcher. She’ll be the first merchant on your left.

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Speak to the Metal Trader

Speak to the metal trader, and she’ll let Sava in on a little Dalimilian secret. Limestone and iron will create a more potent metal.

Fetch Limestone

To get limestone, you’ll need to go all the way back to town, then leave through the South Gate near where the Hunter was. Follow the path until it branches off into a dead end on your right, overlooking the crystalline waters. Here, you’ll find three sparkling patches on the white ground.

Interact with each spot to collect three limestone samples.

Return to Sava

With rocks in tow, use the obelisk in town to return to Sava. He’ll craft something which just earns him a passing score.

Rewards for Completing Carving Out a Niche in Final Fantasy 16

For all your help, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • 200 Experience
  • 800 Gold
  • 10 Renown

Feels a little stingy, for all the effort you put in! If you’re completing side quests, why not help out another blacksmith? I highly recommend you also complete Blackthorne’s side quest, which will grant you a very useful recipe. Check out our guide on how to do that here: Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Blacksmith’s Blues (FFXVI)

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