Final Fantasy 16: Bygul Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

Kitty got claws

Sure, cats are cute and cuddly when they’re tiny. But make them big and suddenly it’s all claws and teeth. That’s the case with Bygul, the vicious creature that’s lurking in Kritten Hollow, Waloed. Here’s how to find Bygul in Final Fantasy 16, and all the rewards you get for defeating it.

Final Fantasy 16: Bygul Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

On the battlefields of Ravenwit Walls, you’ll find no shortage of enemies. But to even access this area, you’ll need to progress part of the main quest line, Brotherhood. Once you do that, you’ll gain access to Ravenwit Walls Obelisk, which is the perfect jump point for finding this cat. Here’s how to locate Bygul in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Select Northern Waloed (Ravenwit Walls) on the world map.
  • Go to Kritten Hollow.

Apart from one strange rogue Goblin, the Notorious Marks in Waloed have been very easy to find. Bygul is no different. Load into Ravenwit Walls from the world map. From the Obelisk, go straight, and you’ll likely see this crowned panther immediately. Its antlers glow bright blue, and it has a long, scorpion-like tail.

Bygul Location
Screenshots by Prima Games | Bygul Location

Bygul is a Rank-A Mark, Level 40. It’s also, in my opinion, one of the hardest Notorious Marks you’ll face. Not because it’ll kill you, it probably won’t. But because it absolutely spams electric moves that are extremely hard to dodge. My goal is to always try to take zero damage, and I couldn’t achieve that with Bygul, as its moves are so fast and relentless.

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Rewards for Defeating Agni in Final Fantasy 16

Upon defeat, Bygul will drop the following rewards:

  • Coeurl Whisker (uncommon crafting material)
  • Meteorite (uncommon crafting material)
  • 8,000 Experience Points
  • 100 Ability Points
  • 16,000 Gold
  • 35 Renown

While you’re in the area, here’s a Notorious Mark that’s hard to find: Final Fantasy 16: Gobermouch Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16).

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