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Final Fantasy 15: How to Complete Search and Rescue

by Prima Games Staff

Final Fantasy 15 finally arrived after over ten years in development. In the game, you take up the role of Noctis, the Prince of Lucis, as he tries to win back his country and save his people. Throughout the game, players can complete various side quests that will reward experience and Gil, the game’s main currency. In this article, we’ll walk you through completing the Search and Rescue side quest, which can be triggered after you regain the Regalia in the first chapter of Final Fantasy 15.

How to Trigger Search and Rescue

The Search and Rescue quest can be triggered while driving near a specific point just up the road from Hammerhead, where Cindy and Cid have setup shop. When the quest appears, you will hear someone call out for help. You can hop out of the car at this point, and select the quest from the Quest menu to see the area in which you need to search.

How to Complete Search and Rescue

From what we can gather, during the quest the NPC that you are looking for is supposed to call out for help repeatedly, guiding you to his location with his voice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be working as intended at this time, as many players have reported that they cannot hear the NPC calling out for help. This makes it extremely hard to find him within the large marked area.

To easily find the NPC in need of help and complete the Search and Rescue side quest, you must head to the location that we marked on the map below.

Once you arrive, hop out of your vehicle and look out for the rock in the screenshot below.

Head to the rock and look in this crevice to find the NPC that you need to rescue. We already found him, so he doesn’t appear in our image.

Speak with the NPC and give him a potion to complete the quest and earn yourself some extra experience and Gil.

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