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Final Fantasy 15 – Cactuar Location, Big XP Boost

by Josh Hawkins

The Cactuar is a classic monster in the Final Fantasy universe, and Final Fantasy 15 wouldn’t be complete without a special appearance from the little dancing cactus. Of course, what makes this creature even better is the fact that it rewards you with tons of experience when you defeat it.  In this article, we’ll show you how to find the Cactuar location in Final Fantasy 15, and even give you a few pointers to help you take it down quickly.

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Where to Find Cactuars

Final Fantasy 15 actually features three different types of Catuars. There is the regular Cactuar, the Slactuar, and the Gigantuar. All three versions of the creature are extremely rare, and many players have spent hours in the game without every laying eyes on one. If you want to find one easily, though, all you’ve got to do is look in the right place.

Open up your world map and make your way over to Hammerhead. For the best chance at spawning a Cactuar you should wait until you receive the Beast Whistle that allows you to summon monsters. You acquire it in Chapter 4. Once you have the whistle, head to the lands around Hammerhead, just north of the Longwythe rest area. Once you arrive, use your whistle to spawn monsters and take them out. Eventually you’ll spawn a Cactuar, or even a Slactuar if you are lucky. Cactuars are pretty shy, though, so make sure you’re ready to take it one before it can run away.

There has been speculation that these rare creatures only spawn in the early morning, though nobody knows for sure. Your best bet is to head out around 5 in the morning in-game, and just summon and fight until one spawns.

How to Take Down Cactuars Fast

Once you’ve spawned a Cactuar, you’ll need to take it down before it can run away. To do this quickly make sure you have either a set of Daggers, or a Gun Type weapon equipped. Use these to attack the Cactuar before it can run away. You should also refrain from using any Fire-based spells, as the Cactuars can simply absorb it. Instead, make use of your Blizzard or Thunder spells. Thunder is especially useful for slowing the creature down. If you can, craft a Stopcast using mostly Thunder elements, and you should be able to stop the Cactuar in its tracks.

Cactuars are extremely useful for two important reasons. First off, they reward you with 3,333 experience for each kill. This is the highest amount of experience you get for killing a normal creature within Final Fantasy 15. Also, they reward you with special drops like the Oracle Ascension Coin, as well as Cactuar Needles. Ascension Coins can be used to boost spell potency, while the Cactuar Needle is used when upgrading special weapons like the Auto Crossbow.

Now that you know how to find and take down Cactuars, head back over to our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough for more tips and guides to help you conquer the land of Lucis and save Noctis’ kingdom.

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