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Final Fantasy 15 – Best Fishing Gear, Angler’s Nightmare Quest

by Bryan Dawson

You can do a lot of various activities in Final Fantasy 15, but fishing has to be one of the best for most players. If you’re trying to get some great catches you’re going to need the best fishing gear in Final Fantasy 15. Most would agree that the Llymlaen Reel and Tranquility Rod are the best. This article covers the best fishing gear you can find in Final Fantasy 15 and how to obtain it through Navyth’s Angler’s Nightmare side quest and other activities, so sit back and prepare to catch some whoppers.

Best Fishing Gear

Final Fantasy 15 Navyth Quest

Navyth Side Quests – Tranquility Rod

The best rod in the game is the Tranquility Rod, which can only be obtained by completing all four of Navyth’s side quests. You can find Navyth near the Neeglyss Pond in The Nebulnwood around the east side of the world map. Keep in mind he changes location for every quest.

The first quest, Fishing Buddies, you can start fairly early in the game. Make sure you have the Sweet Jamming: Custard lure found at the Coernix Station due north of the fishing spot where you first speak to Navyth. Once you have the bait, use the fishing spot near Navyth to catch a Crag Barramundi. Do this and Navyth will reward you with a Knife T. Tonberry lure.

To find Navyth for the second quest, head to the far west side of the world map to the Wennath Riverhead parking spot. Just northeast of the camping grounds here you’ll find Navyth again. For the Fishing, Naturally side quest, Navyth wants the cherrycomb trout, which only comes out at dawn or dusk. You want to use the Whiskers: Crystal lure to ensure you catch the trout quickly.

For the third quest, Navyth’s Challenge, you need to head to the west bank of the Vesperpool, located in the northwest corner of the world map. You can find Navyth near the southern portion of the lake on the west side, just off the road. You are tasked with catching a Vesper Gar. Ideally you want to use the Stinker: Malboro lure to reel in this fish.

The final quest, Angler’s Nightmare, can be started by finding Navyth in the Galdin Quay area around the southeast portion of the world map. Navyth is found on the north side of the lake by the fishing spot (there’s a second fishing spot on the southeast side that you do not want). To complete this quest you need to catch the Murk Grouper. The recommended lure to catch the Murk Grouper is the Burrower: Abyss Worm or Stormer: Chert Focalor. Speak with Navyth one last time and you will receive the Tranquility Rod, the best fishing rod in Final Fantasy 15.

Altissia Colosseum – Llymlaen Reel

If you’re looking for the best reel in the game, after you complete the main story head out to the Altissia Colosseum to find the Llymlaen reel for a price of 85,000 medals. It’s a mid-range reward and shouldn’t take too much effort to get from betting on the fights.

If you’re still learning how to fish or just need some tips, don’t forget to check out our Fishing Tips article, as well as our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide.

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