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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn – Haukke Manor (Hard Mode) Tips

by Bryan Dawson

The story version of Haukke Manor in Final Fantasy 14 is a fairly straightforward dungeon that doesn’t get particularly challenging until the final boss, and even then, it’s not all that difficult. With the introduction of the hard mode version of the dungeon in the latest Final Fantasy 14 patch, it’s become one of the more difficult dungeons, especially if you’re under-geared.

As an endgame dungeon, the focus for players is to get through the instance as quickly as possible to grab the level 60 loot if needed, and claim the tomestones rewarded for defeating each boss and completing the dungeon. Speed is the order of business, and with a well-geared party, that isn’t a problem.

While the average item level of the healer isn’t particularly significant, then two DPS jobs should be around i65, and the tank needs to be at least i60 if you want to have a decent chance at completing Haukke Manor hard mode without numerous party wipes. There are multiple DPS checks in the first and last boss fight, and you will be wiping if you can’t down the bosses quickly.

At the beginning of the dungeon, there are several rooms with three enemies (mobs) inside. Each room holds a floating Manor Claviger, and two lesser mobs. The Manor Claviger should always be your first target, and the tank should be ready to stun if she tries to use Demonize. If the attack is successful, a fourth mob is spawned that isn’t overly difficult to defeat, but it drags out the run if every room spawns a fourth mob.

When you reach the first boss, the Manor Jester, your DPS will be tested. The Jester begins the fight with two skeleton adds, but more spawn from the cages on either side of the room. Watch out for Void Blizzard III, which hits a target for anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 damage. However, it can be silenced or stunned. In addition, the Jester will cast slow on a random part member, so the healer should be ready to remove it as soon as possible.

The Jester also creates ice patches, and a large purple summoning circle. The ice patches should be avoided immediately, as they inflict 1,000 points of damage with each tick. The summoning circle doesn’t inflict damage, but it raises any skeletons that have died within the confines of the circle.

If four or more skeletons are resurrected by the summoning circle, a Manor Steward appears that has a damaging AoE attack and can wipe a party quickly. To avoid this, the tank and DPS should move around while killing the skeleton adds to make sure four adds are not killed in close proximity to one another. As you progress into the boss battle, more and more adds will spawn, and an appearance by the Manor Steward becomes inevitable, but if you have solid DPS, even if the Steward appears, the Jester should be low enough in health to finish the job before things get messy. It’s also possible to simply kill the Steward, but it’s usually not necessary.

The next boss is Ash, who will randomly paralyze a party member (which can be removed by the healer), but the boss isn’t the real problem in this battle. The room you fight Ash in will be filled with laser-like attacks that cover a large portion of the room and can be difficult to evade. For the most part, these attacks follow a set pattern, which makes them much easier to avoid. In addition to the laser-like attacks, an add pops about halfway through the fight, followed by a second and eventually a third add as the fight progresses. With each add comes a cloud that randomly targets a party member and hits them for roughly 1,000 points of damage. The cloud cannot be attacked, but dissipates when the add is killed.

To avoid the laser-like AoE sword attacks, start the battle on the far end of the room. When Ash runs to the middle, head to the entrance and wait for the next two sets of attacks. Head back to the far side for the next four AoE sword attacks, then return to the entrance for the remainder of the battle. If you follow that pattern and take care of the adds when they pop, there isn’t much to worry about with this battle.

The final boss is the Halicarnassus. She uses similar attacks to the boss of the story version of Haukke Manor, but the rest of the fight is very different. There are three adds that spawn during the battle, and all three much die as quickly as possible. All DPS should focus on the adds, one at a time, to kill them in record time.

Once an add has been out for a short time, Halicarnassus draws it in and them absorbs it, followed by a room-covering AoE attack. The strength of the AoE is determined by the health of the add when it’s absorbed. The lower the add’s health, the less damage the AoE will inflict. If the add has too much health, the AoE will wipe the party.

Shortly after the start of the fight, a Manor Sentry spawns on the far side of the room. It will cast Stoneskin on Halicarnassus, which should be stunned or silenced if possible. It’s not a huge issue if you miss Stoneskin, but it helps speed up the fight a bit if you can stop the cast.

With the Sentry down, two Manor Handmaidens spawn near the entrance. They should be numbered, so the DPS know which Handmaiden to battle first. Focus on one Handmaiden at a time to take each down as quickly as possible and avoid a damaging AoE.

Soon after both Handmaidens are down, Lady Amandine appears to the left of where the boss initially appears. At this point, the melee DPS should use a limit break to deplete the Lady’s health as quickly as possible. Once she’s down, or absorbed with minimal health, the rest of the battle is easy.

At this point, make sure all party members are as spread out as possible. The Halicarnassus uses a room-wide AoE that takes control of each party member and simultaneously causes them to walk toward her. She then targets one party member at random and hits them with her most damaging Void spell. If party members are too close, more than one member will be hit by the AoE spell, causing significant damage. Halicarnassus repeats this final phase until she is defeated.

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